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College of Arts & Sciences

College of Arts & Sciences

Students in the College of Arts and Sciences pursue a broadly based education designed to prepare them for careers, for graduate study, and for successful Christian lives. The knowledge they gain and the skills they develop equip them to succeed in the classroom and as lifelong learners.

The College of Arts and Sciences offers programs of study in the Arts, Humanities, and Sciences. From Communication to Religion and Philosophy, the ten majors, numerous minors, and certificate programs help students to prepare for diverse careers such as law, drama, writing, sciences, music and more. Graduates of the programs in the College of Arts and Sciences are currently working as ministers, teachers, ecologists, musicians, business people and lawyers. Other are engaged in graduate study at universities and seminaries.

Classes in the College of Arts and Sciences are taught by dedicated Christian professors: women and men who are highly skilled scholars and working professionals with a passion for their disciplines, for teaching, and for living out Christian scholarship at its best. Each program seeks to develop a community that encourages each person to pursue learning and to connect that learning to successful, influential living.


Dr. Darrell Hobson

Dr. Darrell Hobson

Dean, Professor
College of Arts & Sciences

Resident Faculty
Dr. Darrell Hobson Dean, Professor of Bible, Hebrew, Philosophy
Dr. Eric Steinkamp Professor of Life Sciences
Dr. Millicent Thomas Professor of Mathematics
Dr. Jack Wisemore Professor of Theology, Philosophy
Kristi Brodin Associate Professor of Physical Education
Gary Gillespie Associate Professor of Communication
William Owen Associate Professor of Music
Clint Bryan Assistant Professor of English
Jonathon Burt Assistant Professor of History
Dr. Ron Cole Assistant Professor of Music
Dr. Tracie Delgado Assistant Professor of Biology
Dr. Jonathan Dyhr Assistant Professor of Biology
Mizue Fells Assistant Professor of Music
Lenae Nofziger Assistant Professor of English
Dr. Greg Spyridis Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Dr. Daniel Tomandl Assistant Professor of Physics and Math
Dr. Jeremiah Webster Assistant Professor of English
Dr. Autumn Witt Assistant Professor of English, ESOL, Director of CELE
Jacob Witt Assistant Professor of English
Dr. Andrew Kaufmann Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science
Brenda Rasmussen Instructor of Music

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