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School of Education

School of Education

Students in the School of Education prepare to make a difference in the lives of their students through teaching. When they graduate, these new teachers are ready to take responsibility for their students' learning, recognizing the extent of their potential influence on their students' intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development.

Because most of our School of Education professors have taught in P–12 classrooms, they have firsthand insight into the subjects they present to their college students. In addition to practical experience in area schools, these professors bring strong academic backgrounds with advanced degrees in education and are, thus, prepared to offer engaging, research-based instruction to their NU classrooms.

As part of their training, School of Education students will participate in local private and public schools in a variety of capacities, earning important and intentional experience in their preparation. Here, they will work at putting into practice the knowledge and skills developed in their education programs with their P–12 students under the mentoring eye of university supervisors and P–12 cooperating teachers. In this process, our School of Education programs train learner-focused, adaptive, and holistic teachers who impact their students in profound, life-transforming ways.


Dr. Ron Jacobson

Dr. Ron Jacobson

Dean, Associate Professor
School of Education

Resident Faculty
Dr. Ron Jacobson Dean, Associate Professor of Education
Dr. Paul Kress Professor of Education
Dr. Suzan Kobashigawa Professor of Education, TESL
Dr. Jeremy Delamarter Assistant Professor of Education

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