Intercultural Studies Major

Intercultural Studies Major

The Intercultural Studies major prepares students to effectively live, interact, and communicate the Gospel of Christ in a multicultural environment. The program has three cores of emphasis: biblical and theological, intercultural skills and knowledge, and a regional or ministry concentration. The Intercultural Studies major integrates classroom learning and theory with field experience. Students spend an extended period of time in the region or ministry context of their concentration learning language, studying the culture, art, government, history, and economics of the area as well as learning to communicate the Gospel in a diverse cultural setting.


International Experience

  • Africa Studies
  • Asia Studies
  • Cross-Cultural Studies
  • Latin American Studies
  • Middle East Studies

U.S. Experience

  • First Nations Ministry
  • University Ministry
  • Urban Ministry

Course Listings

A complete list of courses for the Intercultural Studies Major can be found in the Academic Catalog »

Academic Catalog

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