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College of Ministry

College of Ministry

College of Ministry students unite experience in church leadership with in-depth study of scripture and theology. Their professors have learned what Christian service entails through their own ministry experience. These faculty members become mentors who can help students refine their sense of calling and plan for their future in ministry.

Through scholarly study of the Bible, students build a foundation of wisdom that will enable them to speak insightfully when they minister and to provide guidance for people who come to them. The coursework and internships work together to create church leaders who are prepared to be effective demonstrations of Christ's love to the world.

Northwest University's College of Ministry helps men and women develop their gifts so that these students can become leaders who have the tools to make a difference in communities, whether in their local neighborhood or overseas. The school prepares students for all areas of vocational ministry, including pastoral ministries, youth ministry, children's ministry, and missions.


Dr. Wayde Goodall

Dr. Wayde Goodall

Dean, Professor
College of Ministry

Resident Faculty
Dr. Wayde Goodall Dean, Professor of College of Ministry
Dr. Blaine Charette Professor of Bible, Greek
Dr. Robert Stallman Professor of Bible, Hebrew
Dr. John Bangs Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministries
Dr. Kari Brodin Professor of Bible, Biblical Languages
Dr. David Thomas Associate Professor of New Testament, Intercultural Studies
Dr. Joshua Ziefle Associate Professor of Youth Ministries
Dr. Jack Wisemore Professor of Theology, Philosophy
David Hymes Missionary in Residence of Intercultural Studies, Bible

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