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College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Students in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (CSBS) at Northwest University prepare to serve in a variety of social service environments both locally and internationally. CSBS professors draw from their academic studies and professional experience to provide students with the background they will need to be effective in the field of social services. Each program has a unique multicultural focus that highlights issues of social injustice for the purpose of effecting positive change in a variety of professional sectors. Students come to understand that their professional expertise will only be complete when they cultivate an attitude of compassion and respect for all people.

For undergraduate students, CSBS provides both a traditional day program as well as an adult evening program. Traditional undergraduate students have the opportunity to explore the field of psychology through a variety of concentrations including: counseling psychology, cultural psychology, marriage and family studies, organizational behavior, and general psychology. Whether just beginning or returning to college, students in the adult evening program can complete their bachelors of arts degree in psychology. Either of these programs prepare students for graduate studies.

The graduate programs are designed to accommodate busy schedules: classes meet evenings and weekends. In addition, the graduate programs provide students with the opportunity to learn through various modalities including: lectures, discussions, online forums, panels, research projects, practicums and/or internships. The themes of psychology, culture, and social justices are woven into the curriculum of each program.

Graduate programs use a cohort system. Entering students are grouped together and given the same schedule of courses for the entire program. The advantage of this system is the support and openness it creates. The cohort becomes a valuable resource: students study together, encourage and assist one another when needed: and become comfortable with one another to the point of being able to discuss sensitive issues and share personal stories. Since a higher level of openness is attainable, a higher level of learning can be reached.


Dr. Matt Nelson

Dr. Matt Nelson

Dean, Professor
College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Resident Faculty
Dr. Matt Nelson Dean, Professor of Psychology
Dr. Sarah Drivdahl Professor of Psychology, Chair of Undergraduate Psychology
Dr. Forrest Inslee Professor of Global Studies, Chair of International Community Development
Dr. Kevin Leach Professor of Psychology
Dr. Leihua Edstrom Associate Professor of Psychology
Dr. Kim Lampson Associate Professor of Psychology, Director of Clinical Training for Psy.D. Program
Dr. Becky Sherman Associate Professor of Psychology
Brooke Lundquist Assistant Professor of Psychology, Director of Academic Programs

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