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Certificate in Ministry Leadership

The Certificate in Ministry Leadership (CML) fulfills the education requirements for Certification, Licensure, and Ordination within the Assemblies of God. This program may also be applicable to credentialing tracks for other denominations, although students are encouraged to check with their respective denomination for further clarification.

Because the program is structured around groups of students working together to encourage and learn from one another, the certificate empowers Christian leadership formation and the development of community. By taking one class at a time the 36 semester credit program may be completed in two years.


  • Level 1: Certified Minister

    • New Testament History and Literature
    • Biblical Interpretation
    • Church in Ministry
    • Pentecostal Spirituality
  • Level 2: Licensed Minister

    • Old Testament History and Literature
    • Ministry Leadership
    • Preaching I
    • Christian Thought
  • Level 3: Ordained Minister

    • Corinthian Correspondence
    • Pastoral Care & Counseling
    • Ministry Administration
    • Theology of Ministry Essentials

Online Course Offerings

Online courses are also open to students interested in further study for personal enrichment. Students can register individually for any course available online, if necessary pre-requisite courses have been met.


The program is designed to be completed in two years. No courses will be offered during December to allow students to focus on church and family responsibilities. Students will take one class at a time; with the exception of three courses when there will be an overlap with another course for two or three weeks.

Cohort Structure

The Certificate in Ministry Leadership is structured around the cohort, a group of students working together to encourage and learn from one another, in an online environment that empowers Christian leadership formation and development of community.


Students pursuing this certificate track will be charged the online education rate, which is $334 per credit for the 2014–15 academic year.

Financial Aid

Financial aid in the form of federal grants and loans is available to qualifying students. Students must maintain, at minimum, part time status, which equates to six credits each semester. Contact the Financial Aid office at NU for additional information.

Application Process

A high school diploma or equivalent is required for all certificate or degree programs at Northwest University. Students can apply for admission to Northwest University to take online courses through the College of Adult & Professional Studies. For more information about the application process please call 425.889.7789.

Required Courses

A complete list of courses for the Certificate in Ministry Leadership program can be found in the Academic Catalog »

Academic Catalog

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