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Tim Ohai

NU Business Leadership Webinar Series

Northwest University is proud to announce the Christian Business Leadership Series, a free webinar series starting on October 15th at 6pm designed to aid you in your business, vocation, and life. The keynote speakers for this series will be successful leaders in the business community who are believers and are passionate about giving back — and often NU alumni themselves. This material will cover everything from how to build a startup business and keys to strategic success, to how to integrate successful leadership models in a biblical way.

Who says your alma mater can only be of value when you attended? We want to be a genuine resource for you wherever your life has taken you after you attended NU, and we are starting with this webinar series. We sincerely hope you will join us. Be on the lookout for more information to follow. And invite your friends!

5 Critical Keys to Strategic Execution

Our first webinar will be "5 Critical Keys to Strategic Execution," presented by Tim Ohai (NU Alum and successful strategist/coach). Tim will be sharing some of the most valuable lessons he has learned from helping organizations (from global corporations, to local businesses, to churches) successfully drive strategic change. If you need to make sure that your people are equipped, motivated, and aligned to drive change, you won't want to miss hearing Tim share these powerful insights in his usual, candidly humorous way.

This is going to be extremely worthwhile, so we hope you can attend. Please join us on October 15th at 6pm by registering below.

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