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Awards & Honors Convocation

Class Academic Awards

The first group of awards involve academic achievement by class. Awards are made to the non-graduating freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors with the highest cumulative grade point averages. Certificates are also awarded to all students with cumulative grade point averages above 3.8. The awards and honors policy governing the recognition of academic achievement states that eligible students for recognition, with the exception of first-year freshman, must have attended at least two semesters as full-time students at Northwest University.





Esther Esbenshade 4.000
Rich Rios 4.000
Martin Yorio 4.000



Esther Aspree 3.940
Vanessa Borja 3.936
Melissa Glazier 3.880
Brandon Hancock 3.806
Jennifer Olson 3.829
Lindsey Pettijohn 3.860
Bethany Ross 3.800
Angela Runte 3.807
Brittany Van Winkle 3.880





Jessie Briant 4.000
Janie Kliever 4.000



Brady Beard 3.873
Jessica Duffey 3.853
Andrea Galart 3.804
Elizabeth Hanna 3.800
Miche Jones 3.844
Tiffany Maib 3.900
Elizabeth Otto 3.981
Emily Robinson 3.980
Jessica Ruble 3.908
Nicole Snyder 3.980
Crystal Stellwagen 3.830
Amy Weller 3.939





Brandon Duffy  4.000
Heather Fried 4.000



Amy Angleton 3.808
Bernita Bontrager 3.880
Angela Brazier 3.860
Mallory Crutchfield  3.944
Lauryn Duffy 3.954
Jessica Fast 3.964
Kristin Frederick 3.892
Chelsea Green 3.820
Isaac Hanna 3.939
Sarah Karnes 3.874
Kara Koenig 3.966
Whitney McCall 3.820
Paul Moughamian 3.926
Michael Pettis 3.978
Julie York 3.804





Lindsay Horne 3.974



Devon Carroll 3.819
Taylor Martin 3.879
Liliya Semenyuk 3.852
Alyssa Valder 3.889





Melanie Fonden 3.963



Ashley Davison            3.800
Raeshall Droullard     3.813
William Harrison        3.940
Kristi Henderson        3.864
Rebecca Martin          3.957
Amanda Moncrieff     3.807
Bethany Pitroff           3.825
Nathan Robbins          3.820
Stephen Seybold          3.954
Nicholas Smith            3.862
Rachel Smulski            3.940
Melissa Sturzen           3.800
Christina Wehner       3.913
Elsa Wirkala                3.918





Christina Johnson  4.000



Sandra Bullock 3.854
Sue Cochran 3.907
Sandra French 3.813
Ruth Graham 3.808
Donna Liddle 3.940
Yoko Zimmerman 3.970

Academic Awards by Major for Graduating Students
The next group of awards involve academic achievement in the various majors. To qualify, a student must have at least a 3.0 grade point average for coursework completed within the major.

Biblical Literature

  • M. John-Patrick O’Connor

Business Administration

  • Nathan Downs

Business Management

  • Sandra Chinn

Children’s Ministries

  • Jessica Weaver


  • Todd Sittig


  • Kelli Jo Graham

Environmental Science

  • Morgan Chinn

Finance And Accounting

  • Kristi Bramono

General Ministries

  • Lindsay Tyree


  • Danielle Kuehn

Intercultural Studies

  • Lukas Lorenzini
  • Rachel Redfield

Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Mary Lundemo


  • Stephanie Joy Flatau


  • Sandra Chinn


  • Alex Katherine Schramm

Ministry Leadership

  • Terrence Wynes


  • Amanda DuFord


  • Alexandra Burgess

Pastoral Ministries

  • Benjamin McCary

Political Science And History

  • Julia Melendrez


  • Hilary Kunnanz

Religion And Philosophy

  • Samuel Ade

Teacher Education Elementary

  • Teixeira Lee Clark

Teacher Education Secondary

  • Angelyna Welch

Youth Ministries

  • Eric Wade

Highest Academic Honors

Master Of Arts Degree

  • Ron Boehme
  • Amy Bostock
  • Beth Bruno
  • Benjamin Skoropinski

Washington State Achievers’ Scholarship

The  College Success Foundation has partnered with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to offer Achievers’ Scholarships and mentoring support to approximately 500 highly motivated students per year. Over a 14-year time frame, over 5,000 Washington students will receive approximately 100 million dollars in scholarship support. These scholarships are available to students from 16 selected Washington high schools that have large percentages of low-income students and that commit to major school redesign based on the "Attributes of High Achievement Schools.”

The first class of Achievers’ Scholars enrolled in the university in Fall 2001. Northwest University has had four Washington State Achiever Scholars graduate over the last three years. This year we have two graduates who are Washington State:

  • Carlie Lassle – B.A. in Business Management
  • Yecenia Giron – B.A. in Psychology
  • Lyudmila Dovgalyuk – B.S. in Nursing

A representative of the College Success Foundation joined the students on the platform to present  them with a special Washington State Achiever Honor cord to recognize their achievement.

Psi Chi Honor Awards

Psi Chi is the National Honor Society in Psychology, founded at Yale University in 1929. The purpose of Psi Chi is to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship of the individual members, in all fields, particularly in psychology, and to advance the science of psychology. Students are required to be in the top 35% of their class academically.
Undergraduate Students:

  • Emily Adams
  • Robert Campbell
  • Hilary Kunnanz
  • Ian Wun Lou
  • Heidi McKnight
  • Sierra Snyder
  • Irma Soraya
  • Victoria Trofimovich
  • Jeffrey Valder

Graduate Students:

  • Andrew Kritovich
  • Sandra Tudor
  • Amanda Haase
  • Danyel Longmire
  • Amanda Gossage
  • Brittan Cole
  • Benjamin Skoropinski
  • Elisa Lebman
  • Amanda Kiser
  • Fiona Winoto
  • Abbie Smith
  • Michelle Peadon

Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society

Sigma Tau Delta  confers distinction upon students of the English language and literature in undergraduate, graduate, and profess ional studies.  The Society also recognizes the accomplishments of professional writers who have contributed to the field of language.  Members are recognized because of their outstanding achievements in the field. Sigma Tau Delta has over six hundred active chapters in colleges and universities, and it inducts approximately seven thousand members annually. The 2010 graduating members of Northwest University’s Sigma Tau Delta chapter, Alpha Lambda Kappa, are as follows:

  • Andrea Allen
  • Garrick Allen
  • Meghan Bardwell
  • Morgan Chinn
  • Kelli Graham
  • Mary Lundemo
  • Michelle Meade
  • Katrina Ong
  • Jessica Orr
  • Richard Snyder

Senior Chapel Speaker Awards

The Senior Chapel Speaker awards are presented to the following 2010 recipients.

  • Timothy Richardson - School of Nursing
  • Hilary Kunnanz – College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Stephanie Flatau – College of Arts and Sciences
  • M. John-Patrick O’Connor – College of Ministry
  • Christina Lindner - School of Education
  • Kyle Wall – School of Business

Graduation Speaker Awards

This award is presented to two students selected by graduating seniors and the faculty to address their peers during the 2010 Baccalaureate Chapel and Commencement Service.

  • Baccalaureate Speaker: Morgan Chinn
  • Commencement Speaker: Katrina Ong

Student Life Awards

The Student Life Awards will be presented by our Vice President of Student Development.

Outstanding Female Student
Haley King

Outstanding Male Student
M. John-Patrick O’Connor

Servant Leadership Award
Carl Erickson

Posted on Tuesday, April 28, 2009