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Campus Ministries Releases New Worship CD

Campus Ministries Releases New Worship CD

Campus Ministries at Northwest University has just finished the latest student-lead worship project, titled “Deeper.” The CD was released at 9:00 p.m. Monday, April 18, in conjunction with the normal Monday Night Pursuit Gathering in the Chapel. This entire project was produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered on the Northwest University campus in cooperation with Creatio and the new studio. 

According to Aaron Welk, the Associate Campus Pastor at Northwest, “This project grew from the continued vision of Campus Pastor Phil Rasmussen and Campus Ministries to produce music that reflects the sense of worship on campus, and to give our travelling ministry teams something that would serve as another touch point for the University.”

Last summer, Welk began working with students Travis Lindseth and Matthew Lobe to write and arrange the songs for this project. “We wanted the project to serve three purposes,” Welk explains. “First, to be a reflection of the spirit of our six student-lead chapel worship teams. Second, to be an outlet for original music and arranging.  And third, to continue to grow the level of musicianship and recording within Campus Ministries as worship to Christ and as good public relations for the University.” 

Songs were chosen with these purposes in mind. Lindseth and Lobe wrote a tune together (“Ocean”) with assistance from Welk, and they arranged two songs originally composed by Welk (“It’s Time” and “No One Like Our God”).  They also rearranged two hymns (“It is Well” and “Jesus Paid It All”) and other popular worship songs (“The Earth is Yours,” “Lord of Lords,” Beautiful Things” and “Salvation is Here.”) Welk also worked with some members of the Crossing ministry team from last summer, Hannah Moreno and Marissa Monroy, to hone a pair of arrangements they had used over the summer (“How Deep the Fathers Love” and “Beautiful”). 

“We compiled players from chapel worship bands to begin practicing the songs in the fall,” explains Welk. “I continued to work with them on the production end, and we began recording tracks mid semester in the fall.”

Welk engineered the project in the new studio.

Beginning in March, Steve Smith of Creatio mixed and mastered the project. He was also able to use some of the tracks to take students in his recording class participate in the mixing process for his recording class.

“Deeper” is available in the Northwest University Bookstore. Within a few weeks it will also be available on iTunes.

“Deeper” Participants:

Travis Lindseth – Writing, Arranging, Lead Vocals, Electric
Matthew Lobe – Writing, Arranging, Keys
Brandon Long – Drums
Ethan Bowe – Bass
Stephen Seybold – Electric Guitar
Ludia Gayvoronskiy – Vocals
Shelby Wells – Vocals
Hannah Moreno – Arranging, Lead Vocals
Marissa Monroy – Arranging, Vocals
Ray Garza – Drums
Emmanuel Garza – Bass
Brandon Simmons – Acoustic
Kenny Priest – Assistant Engineer

Executive Production – Phil Rasmussen
Production, Engineering, Writing, Arranging – Aaron Welk
Mixing, Mastering – Steve Smith

Posted on Friday, April 15, 2011