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President Castleberry Responds to Tragic Shooting at SPU

President Castleberry Responds to Tragic Shooting at SPU

Dear NU Community, 

I’m sure that everyone is very concerned about our sister school SPU in this hour of tragedy and grief. I have contacted President Martin, letting him know that the entire NU community is praying for him and the SPU community. Please be sure to redouble your prayers for them and reach out to any friends you may have there to express your support. Also, be sensitive to the members of our community who may need your help and encouragement.

Northwest has long had an Emergency and Crisis Management Plan (ECMP) in place and this event proves its sad necessity. Immediately upon hearing this news we asked NU Security to be extra visible tonight and for the next few days. Matt Hux, the Area Coordinator on call this weekend, will do extra rounds throughout the residence halls and work with the RAs to offer additional support to our students. The Cabinet will meet early tomorrow with NU Security to review the situation at SPU and consider how it may inform our future plans and preparation.

We have always known that this kind of event could occur and have been prepared. John Jordan has been working for some time with Robert Brown and the Security team to plan drills in the fall, but in the light of an event so close to home, we are all the more motivated to remain vigilant. 

I just received a text message from Eric Olsen, Chief of Police here in Kirkland, to let me know that they are mindful of us in this circumstance and ready to help.


Joseph Castleberry

Posted on Thursday, June 5, 2014