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Top Five Tips to Acquire an Internship

Top Five Tips to Acquire an Internship

Internships are key for undergraduate students to gain industry experience and get their foot in the door for a potential career. While in an internship, students acquire skills, experience, and letters of recommendation that set them up for success post-college.

In this video, Levi Davenport, the Director of Career Development and Corporate Relations at Northwest University, shares the importance of internships and his top five tips for acquiring an internship as an undergrad. 

Top Five Tips to Acquire an Internship:

  1. Know yourself.
  2. Know what you have to offer.
  3. Market yourself.
  4. Know the company.
  5. Fill a need. 

If you’re a current student or planning on coming to NU and would like to connect with Levi, visit the Career Services page here.

Posted on Monday, July 28, 2014