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College of Business

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) Frequently Asked Questions

What programs require the GMAT?

Only the Masters of Business Administration requires the GMAT.

Where do I take the GMAT?

Pearson Professional Center
1300 S W 7th Street
Oaksdale Center Building East, Suite 113
Renton, WA 98055
(425) 277-6690

How do I register for the GMAT?

Northwest University MBA code?


How much does it cost?


How long will the test take?

Approximately four hours.

What is a qualifying score?

There is no set score for Northwest University. Scores can range from 200 to 800. This is only one of the indicators that Northwest University uses for MBA admission.

When will I get my results?

You will receive an unofficial score immediately on every section except the Analytical Writing Assessment. The official score will be mailed to you and Northwest University in approximately two weeks.

What is on the test?

There are three sections:

  1. Analytical Writing Assessment
  2. Quantitative
  3. Verbal Section

Analytical Writing Assessment Section – consisting of two writing tasks (Analysis of an Issue and Analysis of an Argument). You will be given thirty minutes to complete each one.
Quantitative Section – following an optional five minute break, this section contains thirty-seven multiple-choice questions (Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving). You will be given seventy-five minutes to complete.
Verbal Section – following a second optional five minute break, this section contains forty-one multiple choice questions (Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning and Sentence Correction). You will be given seventy-five minutes to complete.