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Center for English Language Education

Center for English Language Education

The Center for English Language Education (CELE) at Northwest University (NU) provides intensive academic English training to help students reach their goals as learners and community leaders.

At NU, our goal of culture exchange goes two ways: CELE students are encouraged to both participate in NU culture and to share their culture with the NU community. Learning is not limited to the classroom. While in the CELE program, students have a conversation buddy, live in the dorms, and can participate in many different clubs and CELE field trips. You will learn through living!

Through CELE, you can:

  • Enroll as a full-time ESL student (Fall, Spring, & Summer starts)
  • Gain conditional admittance into NU Undergraduate Programs (AA, BA)
  • Gain conditional admittance into NU Master's Programs (MBA, MA ICD)
  • Register for individual CELE courses based on your interests or language needs
  • Participate in exciting Culture & Language Short-Term Programs
    (2–4 week camps)
  • Complete our TEFL Certificate Online (15–20 weeks)
  • Earn our MA TESOL Online (18–23 months)
  • Go Abroad for semester exchange or short term summer programs at our sister universities

CELE is a part of Northwest University, a distinctively Christian university. While CELE students do not need to profess a Christian faith, they must agree to live by our lifestyle standards.

Northwest University is in Kirkland, USA, just 15 minutes away from Seattle, Washington. A safe place to live and learn. Come discover your American life!