College of Education

College of Education

Continuing Education Units 2015–16

Northwest University's College of Education promotes life-long learning through our continuing education program. These courses are designed to provide non-credit, continuing education (which can be converted to graduate credit with payment of full tuition at graduate rates and program admission).

  • $150 per course (non-credit continuing education rate).
  • 30 clock hours (two hours per week for a semester).

Date Course Code Course Title Delivery Method
Fall '15 EDMA 5613 Leadership and Organizational Change Hybrid
Fall '15 EDMA 5083 Action Research Hybrid
Fall '15 EDMA 5503 Advanced Instructional Practice Hybrid
Fall '15 EDMA 5523 Educational Standards & Accountability Hybrid
Spring '16 EDMA 5542 Current Educational Issues & Trends Hybrid
Spring '16 EDMA 5813 Collaboration and Coaching Hybrid
Spring '16 EDMA 5832 Learning Strategies & Applied Technology Hybrid
Spring '16 EDMA 5072 Community Engagement & Student Achievement Hybrid
Summer '16 EDMA 5623 HIB & Moral Education Hybrid
Summer '16 EDMA 5872 The Integrated Teacher Hybrid

ProCert Support Program

In addition, we offer a strong ProCert Support Program designed to facilitate teachers' completion of the ProTeach assessment. Find out more about our ProCert Support Program.

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