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Hear from three NU students about the importance of giving.

Shaping The World In The Image Of Christ

Since 1934, thousands of NU graduates have helped shape the world. Some have taken leadership positions in churches, businesses, and non-profits. Others have worked as nurses, teachers, scientists, and counselors—each one affecting the people and communities they serve. The impact may change from graduate to graduate, but there is one commonality: it is all for glory of God.

When you give to the Opportunity Fund, you're helping to ensure that our students will continue to shape the world in the image of Christ. Your generous donations go directly into scholarships so that finances are not a stumbling block as students move towards God's call on their lives.

On the following page is a small sample of how NU graduates are making a real impact in the world today. Thanks to your generosity, this legacy will only grow.

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