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Student Development

Position Summary

As a member of the Student Development Management Team, this administrator provides leadership for a dynamic and multifaceted department that manages student leadership development, Northwest University Student Government (NUSG), student activities, new student orientation, the Act Six Scholars program, and the President’s and Provost’s scholarship program.  The department promotes the holistic development of undergraduate students through vibrant programs that foster leadership and academic growth.

Essential Functions

  • Oversee, develop, implement, advise, and assess associated departmental areas.
  • Collaborate with faculty and staff partners for joint curricular and co-curricular educational initiatives.
  • Represent areas under purview to student development management team, faculty council and university committees.
  • Assist in crisis management, conflict resolution, mediation, and judicial processes.

Student Government (NUSG) & Activities

  • Responsible for program consisting of up to 40 student leaders in various leadership positions.
  • Supervise all NUSG initiatives including, Senate, activities, clubs, intramurals, and recreational events.
  • Recruit, train and develop student government leaders through one-on-ones and team meetings.
  • Administrate annual budgets from Student Activities and Orientation fees, which fund student government initiatives, activities and leadership stipends.
  • Advise the Student Senate and legislative process through regular attendance and counsel.
  • Oversee implementation of Student Activities Board (SAB) calendar.
  • Lead the approval, strategic planning and oversight of student clubs and organizations.

New Student Orientation

  • Orchestrate program consisting of up to 70 orientation leaders and peer mentors.
  • Direct and coordinate all annual institution-wide Orientation programming for new students.
  • Partner with the College of Education for annual coordination of Orientation groups that transition to Peer Group in the UCOR general education course.
  • Chair Orientation Committee for cross-departmental partnership, planning, and procedures.
  • Develop and refine initiatives to meet institutional mission and educational objectives.
  • Assist in the orchestration of Summer Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR) days through parent sessions and recruitment of SOAR Assistant student leaders.

Act Six Scholarship

  • Direct program consisting of up to 28 full-tuition leadership scholars.
  • Supervise the Act Six Coordinator in providing counsel, mentoring and accountability to scholars.
  • Chair Act Six Committee and serve as liaison to the national Act Six affiliate for program obligations.
  • Collaborate with partnering offices for yearly recruitment, selection, and preparation of scholars.
  • Advise institutional philosophy, outcomes, strategies, and policies concerning scholarship program.
  • Lead the student development department and other offices in developing strategies for retention.


President & Provost Scholarship

  • Administrate and advise program requirements for 20 full- and half-tuition scholarship recipients.
  • Oversee weekly group meetings for planning and facilitation of campus-wide educational initiatives.  
  • Facilitate monthly leadership trainings and scholarship accountability processes.

Leadership Development

  • Direct strategic planning for comprehensive leadership program to all student leaders.
  • Organize and conduct bi-annual campus-wide, experientially-based leadership trainings.

Additional Requirements

  • Serve as a member of multiple university committees: Act Six (Chair), Orientation (Chair), Student Development, Enrollment-Retention Committee, Judicial Council, and others as assigned.
  • Responsibility for associated areas often requires a fluctuating work schedule, including frequent evening and occasional weekend hours, due to activities, meetings, and events that fall outside of traditional work times.
  • The director meets with individual students and groups to provide ongoing mentoring, advising, and development.


  1. Master’s Degree required in Student Development or a related field.
  2. Minimum of 3-5 years’ experience working in Student Development, Human Services, Education, Counseling, or related field.
  3. Strong ability in program evaluation and ability to develop and implement programming interventions.
  4. A proven track record of working effectively with diverse populations in groups and individually, as well as with a collaborative work team.
  5. Demonstrated experience in mentoring student leaders.
  6. Advanced knowledge and understanding of multicultural issues as they relate to a university setting.
  7. High level of initiative, planning and organizational skills.
  8. Demonstrated commitment to maintaining a safe work environment free of harassment, violence, and unlawful discrimination.

Lifestyle Standards

Recognize, understand, and agree to live by the moral and ethical standards of Northwest University as outlined in the Assemblies of God Statement of Faith, the Northwest University Community Affirmation statement, and the Northwest University Statement of Principles.

Application Procedure

Please submit your resume, a letter of interest describing your qualifications, and a completed application form to the Human Resources office. Applications are available online (www.northwestu.edu/jobs), or in the Human Resources Office of Northwest University.

You may submit your package by mail, scan and email, or fax.

Northwest University
Attn: Human Resources
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Kirkland, WA 98083-0579
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Fax: (425) 739-0695

Inquiries regarding staff positions may be made to:

Human Resources Office
Northwest University
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Northwest University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age, or disability in admissions and access to, employment, or treatment in its programs or activities. Northwest University is an "At Will" employer.

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