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Chapel Speaker Judah Smith


Chapel is heavily student led and exists to express meaningful corporate worship, nurture personal growth, foster community spirit, and respond to the Great Commission, for the glory of God. Chapel is a vital part of the ministry at Northwest University. Three times a week, undergraduate students, faculty, and staff, come together in corporate worship to integrate faith, learning, and living. These times together challenge, motivate, and encourage the Northwest University community through dynamic worship, inspirational messages, and fellowship within the body.

Chapel attendance is a requirement for undergraduate students and faculty as it is part of the Assemblies of God Division of Higher Education endorsement.

Below is the Chapel schedule for the 2013–14 school year:

Date Day Speaker
8/26/13 Mon. Pastor Phil Rasmussen
8/28/13 Wed. Academic Convocation
8/30/13 Fri. NUSG/NUMA Intro
9/4/13 Wed. Dr. Castleberry
9/6/13 Fri. Dr. Goodall
9/9/13 Mon. Life Groups Intro
9/11/13 Wed. Pastor Troy Jones
9/13/13 Fri. Nita Belles - Anti-Human Trafficking Advocate
9/16/13 Mon. Matthew Barnett
9/18/13 Wed. Dr. Kowalski
9/20/13 Fri. Pastor Phil Rasmussen
9/27/13 Fri. Pastor Phil Rasmussen
9/30/13 Mon. REACH Conference
10/1/13 Tue. REACH Conference
10/2/13 Wed. REACH Conference
10/4/13 Fri. Dr. Castleberry
10/9/13 Wed. Paul Young - Author of "The Shack"
10/11/13 Fri. Mark Zwiefel
10/14/13 Mon. Pastor Judah Smith
10/16/13 Wed. Dr. Josh Ziefle
10/18/13 Fri. Alumni Chapel
10/23/13 Wed. Dr. Castleberry
10/25/13 Fri. Community Life
10/30/13 Wed. Faith Integration: School of Business
11/1/13 Fri. John Bacon
11/6/13 Wed. Pastor Zain Paloalto
11/8/13 Fri. Pastor Phil Rasmussen
11/13/13 Wed. Veterans Day Chapel
11/15/13 Fri. Pastor Phil Rasmussen
11/20/13 Wed. Pastor Rob Carlson (Bethany Christian Assembly)
11/22/13 Fri. World Vision Kit Build
12/4/13 Wed. Christmas Chapel
12/6/13 Fri. Fall Graduate Chapel
1/13/14 Mon. Pastor Phil Rasmussen
1/13/14 Mon. NU Crossing
1/15/14 Wed. Dr. Sarah Drivdahl
1/17/14 Fri. NUSG & NUMA
1/22/14 Wed. Thi'sl
1/24/14 Fri. Pastor Phil Rasmussen
1/27/14 Mon. LifeGroup Introductions
1/27/14 Mon. NU Crossing
1/29/14 Wed. President Castleberry
1/31/14 Fri. Pastor Reggie Witherspoon
2/3/14 Mon. NU Crossing
2/5/14 Wed. Dr. Bob Stallman
2/7/14 Fri. Craig Gross (XXX Church)
2/10/14 Mon. Rich Wilkerson Jr.
2/11/14 Tue. Rich Wilkerson Jr.
2/12/14 Wed. Pursuit Conference
2/14/14 Fri. Eddie DeLaRosa
2/19/14 Wed. President Castleberry
2/21/14 Fri. Pastor Phil Rasmussen
2/24/14 Mon. Pursuit: NU Crossing
2/26/14 Wed. Dr. Josh Ziefle
2/28/14 Fri. President Castleberry
3/2/14 Sun. Chic Chat with Guest Speaker Sarah Drivdahl
3/3/14 Mon. NU Crossing
3/5/14 Wed. Bob Stallman
3/7/14 Fri.
3/17/14 Mon. NU Crossing
3/19/14 Wed. NUSG Elections
3/21/14 Fri. Pastor Phil Rasmussen
3/24/14 Mon. Choralons (10:40)
3/24/14 Mon. Choralons
3/26/14 Wed.
3/26/14 Wed. Senior Speakers: Education/Ministry
3/28/14 Fri. President Castleberry
3/31/14 Mon. Pastor Jon Smith
4/2/14 Wed. Dr. Waldemar Kowalski
4/4/14 Fri. Skip Li
4/7/14 Mon. NU Crossing
4/7/14 Mon. NU Crossing
4/7/14 Mon. NU Crossing
4/7/14 Mon. NU Crossing
4/9/14 Wed. Senior Speakers: Arts/Sciences & Social/Behavioral
4/11/14 Fri. Pastor Phil Rasmussen
4/16/14 Wed. Easter Service
4/23/14 Wed. Awards and Honors (10:40)
4/25/14 Fri. Missions Commissioning
4/30/14 Wed. Senior Speakers: Business/Nursing
5/2/14 Fri. Baccalaureate (10:40)

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