Seattle Centurions

Seeking the Common Good:
Biblical Principles for Social and Economic Shalom

A conference sponsored by Seattle Centurions, hosted by Northwest University.

The effects of our nation's economic and cultural decline can be seen all around us: poverty, homelessness, broken marriages and families, a lack of virtue, addictions, debt, and the list goes on.

Just as the causes of our nation's economic, moral, and cultural problems are intertwined, so are the solutions. Jay Richards and William Mattox will help us explore biblical answers to our society's malaise as we seek to promote the common good—God's ultimate good—for all people.

Speaker Schedule:

Dr. Jay Richards

Dr. Jay Richards

Director, Center on Wealth, Poverty and Morality at the Discovery Institute
Topic 1: Indivisible: A Look at Social and Economic First Principles
Topic 2: Money, Greed and God: A Biblical View of Economics

William Mattox

Resident Fellow, James Madison Institute
Topic 3: Empowering Parents: A Christian Perspective on Education Reform

Education Panel Discussion: The Role of Christians in Public, Private and Home Education

William Mattox

Clint Behrends, Cedar Park Christian Schools Superintendent
Jill Bell, home school teacher and advocate
Gary Newbill, former dean of Northwest University School of Education

Event Details
Saturday, February 16th
10:00am – 5:00pm
Northwest University, Kirkland, WA
Health Sciences Center, Room 231

Cost & Registration
$35 (includes lunch)
$7 for Northwest University staff, faculty, spouses, & students

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