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A Word from the Dean

Matt Nelson

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Northwest University educates individuals to serve within the mental health and human services professions both locally and internationally. The college is home to the School of Psychology and the School of Global Studies, each providing education that is distinctly Christian.

The School of Psychology is built upon the integration of psychology, culture, and social justice. The School of Global Studies is designed to equip people from a wide variety of professions to work for social change and justice across cultural boundaries. With each degree program designed to espouse an ethos of care and service-leadership within the construct of globalization, the college offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in psychology and a graduate program in international community development.

In graduate programs, students participate in a variety of culture immersion experiences. Whether serving locally or internationally, graduates of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences are prepared to respond to the call of Christ through service-leadership in a rapidly globalizing world. We hope that you will consider joining us!

Our Vision and Commitment

The College of Social & Behavioral Sciences' passion for Psychology, Culture, and Social Justice complements and aligns with the vision of Northwest University to Carry the Call...

To Carry the Call with the Heart involves understanding various ways of life. It entails appreciating and valuing those who are different, and it requires connecting with people in ways that are meaningful to them. To touch the heart one must understand culture, for the heart is entwined with culture.

To Carry the Call with the Head suggests having a solid grasp on an area of expertise. In the field of social and behavioral sciences, it includes thinking critically, making decisions with authority, and accumulating a plentiful and available reservoir of knowledge. There is a strong foundation upon which to build in social and behavioral sciences.

To Carry the Call with the Hand is turning knowledge into power and living with conviction. With a passion for action, it is improving society, it is helping those who cannot help themselves, it is having compassion, and it is being Christ-like. To truly minister and offer healing, one must champion justice and embrace the disadvantaged through loving acts of social justice.

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For the PsyD Program, contact Robert Campbell at 425.889.5226 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

For MA programs, contact Daniela Zuniga at 425.889.5249 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).