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Amy Cuthbert talks about the
M.A. in Theology & Culture program:

Why Northwest

I heard about it and immediately thought, oh I need to look into this.

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Why the MATC

What I really loved about it was, I am really interested in going more on an academic biblical scholarship kind of direction and I really felt like that was something that they valued.

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Experience at Northwest

I immediately noticed the classes were structure in a way that was different than I was expecting.

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Professors and Students

I loved that everyone in the classroom, the students in particular were all interested in asking the difficult questions.

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Program Structure

I actually enjoy that because you have a lot longer time to have long-term discussions about things in the classroom setting.

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Plans after Graduation

What my biggest goal is, I’'ve always wanted to teach Bible and to be in some kind of teaching role either in a church setting or in an academic setting.

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It takes a lot of time, it takes a lot of reading, but I've also found that every class that I'’ve taken has been necessary.

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Final Thoughts

I’'m so thankful to them for having the courage and the nerve to bring up these topics and to create a program that centers on these topics that allows there to be that change.

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