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Angela Van Lierop talks about the
Master in Ministry program:

Why Northwest

I chose to come to Northwest because it was recommended by my friends and pastors in this area. It has a really good reputation in this area.

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I chose the Masters in Ministry program because I was looking for some more biblical training and pastoral training.

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Program Structure

I'’m a mom and I have two kids and a family at home, so being able to do my studies online is so imperative because I can get it done after hours; after I'’ve taken care of my other duties.

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Plans After Graduation

I hope to someday go into full-time ministry, but right now I feel like I'’m getting all the tools I need to do whatever I'’m going to do as the Lord reveals that path to me.

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Cohort Model

I'’ve found that our cohort has gotten real close using online forums because we’re able to bring our perspective from our very different stages of life.

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The professors have really worked hard to spread out our classes, our workload, our reading, so that we can focus on the tasks at hand and not be overwhelmed by having too many things to do at once.

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Experience at Northwest

We see each other for where we are in life and we encourage each other to step out and grow in our ministries wherever we are; whether that’'s being a better mom or a better women'’s pastor or leading a small group.

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I would say for someone who is thinking about doing the MIM program, these are very good classes. It'’s very academic, even though you’'re online most of the time, you get a lot of good instruction from the teachers, you get good interaction with the other students.

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