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Bethany von Steinbergs talks about the
M.A. in Missional Leadership program:

Why Northwest

Actually I came to Northwest University for the MAML program.

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Why the MAML

Every single course that I read the description of and read the name of the course was something I liked.

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Experience at Northwest

I think every person who starts in a grad program has kind of that initial wakeup call.

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Program Structure

By far the greatest gift of the MAML program for me has been the cohort model and the style of learning that they’'ve set it up as.

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Northwest is able to bring in professors from all over the country.

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Plans after Graduation

The beauty of this master’s degree is that I can do whatever I want now.

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Go to Northwest and get your master’s degree. It was a great experience.

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I think people that are in just all different professional fields can really benefit from this.

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