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Christa Peterson talks about the
Doctorate in Counseling Psychology program:

Why Northwest

I heard about Northwest through a neighbor of mine. And I'’d also seen your ads through the radio and on the internet and I had a BA in psychology and wanted to continue later on.

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Why PsyD

I’'d started out in the Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology program and then I had wanted to further my education because I wanted to be able to do everything in a setting that would enable me to reach more people.

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Experience at Northwest

They put a little bit of everything in there, so not only are you focusing on academics, but you also have classes in research and also classes in clinical practice, so it'’s really well-rounded.

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Program Structure

Currently working full-time, it makes it really challenging to juggle classes during the day and I have looked at other programs that were offered in psychology and they would have required me to stop working.

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Plans After Graduation

I want to become a pediatric health psychologist, so want to be able to work in the healthcare setting with children and families with life looming illnesses and to be able to support them through their journey.

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I would tell them that I think it’'s one of the best programs out there because it is so comprehensive and it draws from so many strengths and different professors who have different expertise.

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Final Thoughts

I want to be able to integrate psychology and the Christian worldview to really create a healing environment because there really is no healing without Christ.

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