Social Media

Eddie Carter talks about the
M.A. in Social Entrepreneurship program:

Why Northwest

Actually, I’'ve had several friends and family members attend Northwest University over the past 15-20 years.

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Experience at Northwest

Well, I could tell you one thing I really enjoy about Northwest is, I like the size of the university.

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Being able to call up Dr. Doty and say, "“Hey are you available to meet?”" "“Yeah, I can meet you at 5:00pm, meet me at the cafe."”

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I was a little nervous coming back to school, but they’'ve made it very easy for me.

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Program Structure

I have a sports background, so team is big for me, working as a team, working in groups. I thrive in that.

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Plans after Graduation

I actually want to develop a non-profit that is going to equip Christian ministries and other non-profits to fulfill the calling that God has placed upon them.

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First, I would tell them to visit the website and read up on the program. The second thing I would tell them is, I would tell them to visit the campus.

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