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Jeff Newcomer talks about the
Master in Ministry program:

Why Northwest

I chose Northwest University based on their Master in Ministry program. And it has a focus on the Assemblies of God denomination which I am involved with in Snoqualmie, Wash.

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I was looking at a few programs and one of the faculty members thought, since I didn'’t have a background in theology and ministry in my undergrad, he thought the Master in Ministry would be right up my alley.

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Program Structure

I can work, I can have scheduled family time with my son and my wife, as well as do my school work,– reading, papers, and I can do it all from home.

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Cohort Model

Through the online courses we build community through our forum discussions, we also speak together through email, and the few times that we are on campus we get to connect that way as well.

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Online Format

I know exactly what’'s happening each week, and I know what I need to do to prepare for each week, as well as what assignments are due when, and how to upload them. It'’s very well structured - no question for me, it'’s an easy process.

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Experience at Northwest

I'’ve enjoyed meeting the new people in my cohort group and getting to know them really well and establishing a relationship of trust and care with those people.

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Plans after Graduation

When I complete the MIM program my idea is to go into ministry. Right now I'’m leaning towards either youth or adult ministries, but– about another eight months or so, I'’m going to let God show me where to go.

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I would say if God pushes you in the direction of ministry and He'’s called you, go for it. It'’s a great program, it’'s well structured, it'’s demanding yet attainable while having a job and a life outside of school.

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