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Nick Kanehen talks about the
Master of Education program:

Why Northwest

I came to Northwest University because I was interested in pursuing a master'’s degree. Also, to continue my work with education, looking at best practices in education.

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Why MEd

To continue my education, it had been a couple of years since I had gotten my undergrad; I wanted to find out new research to improve my teaching.

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Experience at Northwest

What I like about my experience at Northwest is the small classes. The ability to discuss with fellow teachers, to discuss with professors.

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Program Structure

What I really like about the format of the program at Northwest is the ability to do an action research project. A lot of programs have taken out a thesis, but just the ability to research something that I'’m interested in.

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After Graduation

What I'’m hoping to do when I complete the MEd program is to continue to become a better teacher. To improve my instruction, to improve student learning is really the goal.

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What I would say to someone thinking about the program at Northwest is to definitely do it. It'’s a great program; the courses are very applicable to education today.

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