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Paul Moughamian talks about the
School of Nursing program:

Why Northwest

I chose to come to this program because I wanted to go somewhere that had a Christian emphasis.

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Why Nursing

I'’ve wanted to be a nurse for a while and the reason is because I'‘ve always wanted to do something that helped people.

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Experience at Northwest

One of the unique benefits of the nursing program versus I think a lot of others, is that you have the opportunity to apply what you learn in the classroom every week in hospitals.

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Cross-cultural Experience

So I was with a group of four students that went to Sierra Leone in Africa. And we went with Mercy Ships, which is a hospital ship non-profit organization that provides free healthcare to people all around Africa.

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I think of the entire time, –or my entire four years at Northwest, that trip was by far the most valuable experience of all of it because you get to see humanity in a different way.

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After Graduation

So I'’m planning on spending at least one or two years minimum working in the U.S. to get some experience. And then after that point I'’d like to either go back to school to get a nurse practitioner’'s or to do some more training for tropical diseases.

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I think the most important part of course is the Christian aspect, the care, like why you do what you do. And then for the nursing program, it'’s a fantastic program. It'’s got the rigorous academics that I think prepares students well for nursing after college.

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