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Rosie Cobos talks about the
M.B.A. in Social Entrepreneurship program:

Why Northwest

I first heard about Northwest through a friend who was doing the ICCD program and that was what originally got me interested in looking at both that program and that led me to other programs that Northwest offers.

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I studied Anthropology, and after I graduated from there I took some time off and I traveled all over the world and I saw so many different people and places and organizations that were working to serve people who were living in poverty.

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Experience at Northwest

I learned that I want to take what I'’m studying a little bit further than just social enterprise. And I want to incorporate it also into the general business world.

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Program Structure

I love that it’'s only one night a week. Some of my classes are online and that gives me more time to spend with my family, which I really appreciate.

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Plans After Graduation

We are making a business in Peru that basically creates co-cooperatives for women that live in poverty, to empower each other and become professionals that empower each other and help themselves pull each other out of poverty.

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I would say first, really look at the pattern of the choices that you'’ve made in your life. Try to identify what it is that you really want to do with your future.

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