Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministries

Equipped for Meaningful Ministry

A calling can take many shapes, but serving in church leadership takes a special kind of person, one with commitment, integrity, and heart. It also requires specialized training, and that's where Northwest University's College of Ministry can help. The Pastoral Ministry program combines academic excellence with spiritual formation and hands-on experience in local churches to prepare you for full-time vocational ministry. When you graduate, you'll be ready to make a difference, one that has eternal impact.

Why Pastoral Ministries at NU?

  • Choose from four different concentrations: Children and Family Ministries, Church and Ministry Leadership, General Ministries, or Youth and Family Ministries.
  • Benefit from small classes that feature dynamic curriculum and one-on-one time with professors.
  • Develop a culturally relevant approach to ministry—one that adapts to cultural changes without compromising biblical truth.
  • Learn from highly qualified professors, all of which have doctorates in addition to real-world ministry experience.
  • Study biblical and theological concepts along with leadership skills and church strategy for an education that fully equips you for full-time ministry.
  • Engage with your learning through three semesters of internships at local churches.
  • Join the College of Ministry's annual trip to Israel to see the Bible come alive, studying biblical lands and history on-location.

Alumni Story

Wes Davis

In a society that is rapidly moving away from cultural Christianity, what is the unexpected good news for church leaders? It is a great era for pastors to live and think as missionaries—on the mission with Jesus—embedded in their community! Northwest is a great place for the next wave of missional leaders to engage the Scripture, contextualize the gospel, build lifelong friendships, and get a big vision for the future.
Wes Davis, Lead Pastor,

Internship Opportunities

  • Bethany Christian Assembly
  • City Church
  • Eastridge
  • New Life Renton
  • Overlake
  • Local church plants

Common Career Paths

A degree from NU can help you launch your career immediately after graduation. Some of the positions that a degree in Pastoral Ministry can open up for you include:

  • Associate Pastor
  • Senior Pastor
  • Youth Pastor
  • Church Planter
  • Missionary
  • Business Leader

Word from the College of Ministry

Dr. Wayde Goodall

Dr. Wayde Goodall

Dean and Professor

"The College of Ministry's primary goal is to develop leaders for Christian ministry. This is accomplished by creating classes that are relevant, scholarly, and inspirational. Our full-time faculty and guest instructors are among the best in the nation in their fields. In many of our programs, we have waiting lists from churches and ministries that desire to employ students from our department. Pastoral ministry (including youth and children's pastors), mission work, and church planting are a few of the areas where we continually place our students."

Core Curriculum Requirements

Bible and Theology

  • BIBL 1103: Old Testament History and Literature (3)
  • BIBL 1203: New Testament History and Literature (3)
  • THEO 1213: Christian Thought (3)
  • THEO 2323: Jesus the Messiah (3)

Written and Verbal Communications

  • ENGL 1013: Composition I: Expository Writing (3)
  • ENGL 1023: Composition II: Rhetoric and Research Writing (3)
  • COMM 1213: Fundamentals of Speech Communication (3)


  • 6 credits in this area must be from Writing Practice courses* (see course descriptions for applicability)
  • ENGL xxx3: Any Literature course (3)
  • HIST xxx3: Any Course in History (3)
  • 3 additional credits selected from the following (3)
    • Art (ARTE), Bible (BIBL), Drama (DRAM), English (ENGL), History (HIST), Language (LANG), Music (MUSI), or Theology (THEO)

Social Sciences (9)

  • 6 credits in this area must be from Writing Practice courses* (see course descriptions for applicability)
  • Select a minimum of two disciplines from the following:
    • Business Administration (BUSM), Communication (except COMM 1213), Economics, Education (EDUC), Geography (GEOG), Health & Fitness (PEDU), Management (BMGT), Marketing (BMKT), Philosophy (PHIL), Political Science (PSCI), Psychology (PSYC), or Sociology/Anthropology (SOCI)

Science and Mathematics

  • MATH xxxx: College-level Mathematics (3)
  • SCIE xxxx: Science course with Lab (4)

Formation and Calling

  • UCOR 1043: Faith In Society (3)
  • UCOR 1052: Identity and Vocation (2)
  • UCOR 4791: Faith Integration (1)*
    * Content met in PMIN 3303 — Ministry Life and Calling

Core Electives (9)

  • Any college-level courses

Major Requirements

Biblical Studies Core

  • BIBL 2113: Pentateuch (3)
  • BIBL 2213: Jesus and the Synoptic Gospels (3)
  • BIBL 2553: Biblical Interpretation (3)
  • BIBL xxx3: 3/4000 level Bible Electives (3)
  • International Experience (select one) (3)
    • BIBL 3893: Biblical Lands Experience (3)
    • BIBL 3993: International Bible/Theology Tour (3)
  • THEO 2503: Pentecostal Spirituality (3)
  • THEO 3213: Systematic Theology I (3)
  • THEO 3223: Systematic Theology II (3)
  • THEO 3413: Theology of Ministry Essentials (3)

Pastoral Ministries Major

Pastoral Ministries Core

  • CMIN 2093: Evangelism, Outreach, and Mission (3)
  • CMIN 2203: Discipleship and Spiritual Formation (3)
  • CMIN 3663: The Church in Contemporary Society (3)
  • CMIN 4963: Ministry Internship (3)
  • PMIN 3303: Ministry Life and Calling (3)
  • PMIN 3513: Pastoral Care and Counseling (3)
  • PMIN 4213: Preaching I (3)

Pastoral Ministries Concentrations (12-15)

Select from one of the following concentrations:

  • Children and Family Ministries
  • Church and Ministry Leadership
  • General Ministries
  • Youth and Family Ministries

General Electives (5)

  • Any college-level courses


Children and Family Ministries

  • CHMN 2303: Foundation for Children and Family Ministries (3)
  • CHMN 2373: Communicating with Children (3)
  • CMIN 3283: Family Ministry Development (3)
  • CMIN 4063: Family Ministry Capstone (3)

Church and Ministry Leadership

  • BIBL xxx3: 3/4000 Advanced Bible Elective* (3)
  • PMIN 4223: Preaching II (3)
  • PMIN 4263: Ministry Leadership (3)
  • PMIN 4563: Ministry Administration (3)

Youth and Family Ministries

  • CMIN 3283: Family Ministry Development (3)
  • CMIN 4063: Family Ministry Capstone (3)
  • PMIN 4223: Preaching II (3)
  • YMIN 2313: Foundation for Youth and Family Ministries (3)

General Ministries

  • 15 credits (fifteen) Subject to Advising from Bible, Theology, and Ministry courses that support the student's intended ministry.

Minor Requirements

Pastoral Ministries Minor

  • PMIN 3303: Ministry Life and Calling (3)
  • PMIN 4213: Preaching I (3)
  • PMIN 4223: Preaching II (3)
  • PMIN 4623: Ministry Leadership (3)
  • THEO 3413: Theology of Ministry Essentials (3)
  • PMIN: Pastoral Ministries Elective (3)

Course Listings

A complete list of courses can be found in the Undergraduate Academic Catalog.

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