Homeschooled Students

Admissions Policies and Procedures for Homeschooled Students

Northwest University recognizes that a greater number of students are choosing to pursue education at home rather than through traditional high school programs. Northwest University welcomes homeschooled students and appreciates the contributions they bring to the NU community.

Homeschooled students that apply for admission to Northwest University are required to submit the same application materials as stated for all students. The required academic records are as follows:

High School Transcripts: Applicants who are home educated may submit an official transcript from one of the following:

  • State or national accredited homeschool association
  • General Education Development test certificate
  • Record prepared and signed by the educator

The following years of preparatory work are recommended for all students:

  • English (4)
  • Math (3)
  • Science (2)
  • Social Studies (2)
  • Foreign Language (2)
  • Electives (3)

Transcripts prepared by an individual educator must include information about curriculum and reading lists included with the homeschool program.

Admission for students that submit transcripts from a home educator will weigh more heavily on test scores, demonstrated written ability, and academic curriculum. In addition, applicants may be required to submit a G.E.D. if their academic records are of marginal quality.

  • ACT or SAT score
  • Official College Transcript

Please contact the Office of Admissions for further information and to receive an admission packet. The toll-free number is 1-800-669-3781 or email us at

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