Summer Orientation Advising and Registration (SOAR)

SOAR events are the starting point for your academic success and community connection at NU. During SOAR you will meet with an advisor, register for your first semester classes, learn about student resources, and get to know other new students. SOAR is your opportunity to get settled even before you arrive for New Student Orientation in August.

SOAR 2020 Dates and Sign-Up (Required)

Which SOAR Event Should I Attend?

SOAR Events are customized to include all student populations. Register above for the session that best fits your schedule.

Is SOAR Required?

SOAR is required for students who live within 300 miles of the NU campus, roughly the diameter of Vancouver, B.C., Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, Eugene, Oregon, and the Washington state coastline. Outside of that region, we still highly encourage your attendance!

Should Parents and Family Attend SOAR?

Parents are encouraged to attend, we will be offering sessions during SOAR for parents and guests.

What If I Cannot Attend SOAR On-campus?

Please note that class scheduling is prioritized for those attending SOAR. If you are unable to attend SOAR, please contact the Academic Success and Advising office at 425-889-5227 to discuss your options. If you live beyond the 300-mile perimeter, advising appointments are accommodated via Zoom Conferencing beginning May 20. If you live within the 300-mile perimeter, advising appointments are accommodated via Zoom conferencing / in-person beginning Monday, July 6th.

Contact Us About SOAR

If you have any questions, please contact the NU Academic Success and Advising office at or 425-889-5227.

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