The Value Of Our Education

Can I Afford a Private Christian University?

You want to attend a university that supports your faith, but there is one big question: Can I afford it? We’re here to show you how it’s possible for you to get a quality Christian education at a price that is surprisingly reasonable.

How Does NU’s Affordability Stack Up?

When you compare our total cost of attendance to other private Christian colleges in the area, you’ll see that NU costs considerably less. It’s one of the reasons why U.S News & World Report has consistently named us as a Best Value.

US News 2018 Best Value

NU Tuition and Room & Board

  • Tuition: $29,900
  • Room & Board: $8,400
  • Total: $38,300

Note: Prices shown do not include student fees, books, personal expenses, etc.

2017–18 Annual Cost Comparison


How Much Will I Pay in Actual Costs?

Thanks to our generous financial aid packages, your actual cost could shrink considerably. Last year, 98% of NU students were awarded financial aid, with an average award of over $20,000. Your actual financial aid package will be determined once we receive your application, so apply as soon as possible.

98% of Students Received
Financial Aid Last Year


Average Financial Aid Awarded
Last Year: $20,254


What Kinds of Scholarships Can I Expect?

NU offers a variety of scholarships, from awards for academic performance to scholarships for a particular talent, such as music. Below, we’ve listed the eligibility requirements and amounts for our academic scholarships. There are many more available, so visit our scholarships page to see the full list.

Award GPA ACT SAT (New) SAT (Old)
$ 8,000/yr 3.0+ 22-24 1100 1500-1660
$ 10,000/yr 3.0+ 25-27 1200 1670-1830
$ 12,000/yr 3.0+ 28+ 1300 1840+

Note: Be careful when comparing scholarship awards. While other private universities may provide more in scholarships, their tuition is usually significantly higher. When you compare final costs after scholarships are awarded, you’ll find that NU is still considerably less.

How Employable Will I Be Once I Graduate?

That depends on many factors, but in a recent alumni survey, 87% of our graduates said they were working in a field related to their major. Graduates of some programs fare even better—for example, our Creatio music program reports a 100% job placement rate since its inception.

NU has prepared me for my
current employment: 91%


I am employed in a field
related to my major: 87%


What Else Should I Consider When Thinking About Value?

Price is one piece of the value equation, but there are other important factors to think about when choosing a university:

There is value in attending a Christ-centered university. Numbers vary, but statistics indicate that an alarming percentage of students lose their faith at secular colleges. At NU, over 80% of our students report growing in their faith.

There is value in living in a region with a robust economy, global brands, and significant opportunities for employment once you graduate.

There is value in a 10:1 faculty-to-student ratio. Here, you’ll learn in smaller classes with professors who know you and are deeply committed to your success.

There is value in living within a close-knit community of students who love Christ, encourage your spiritual growth, and become friends for life.

There is value in attending a school that is committed to service. Seventy percent of NU students take part in global missions and are forever changed by their experiences.

There is value in being immersed in the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and all of the recreational opportunities it offers.

US News 2018 Best Value

When you add it all up, few universities offer the kind of value you’ll find at NU.

U.S. News & World Report agrees. That's why they've designated us as a Best Value school. To learn more, one of our enrollment counselors would be happy to help you.