Evening Associate in Ministry Leadership

A Great Start To Your Ministry

The Associate in Ministry Leadership enables you to earn a two-year degree that both satisfies the educational requirements for minister credentials for the Assemblies of God and that includes critically important supporting courses such as Psychology and Communications. All courses can apply to the BA Ministry degree, making this a good mid-point as you progress towards your educational goals.

Why Ministry Leadership?

In addition to the general goals of the University, completing this program provides learning opportunities which should enable the students to:

  • Integrate biblical and theological knowledge with the practice of ministry and daily life;
  • Demonstrate biblical literacy and exegetical skills;
  • Effectively communicate the gospel;
  • Enter vocational ministry;
  • Provide a foundation of ministry in a non ministerial vocation;
  • Exhibit habits of lifelong learning.

The Associate in Ministry Leadership (AML) fulfills the education requirements for Certification, Licensure, and Ordination within the Assemblies of God. This program may also be applicable to credentialing tracks for other denominations, although students are encouraged to check with their respective denomination for further clarification.

Certification, Licensure, and Ordination Courses

Level 1: Certified Minister

  • New Testament History and Literature
  • Biblical Interpretation
  • Church in Ministry
  • Pentecostal Spirituality

Level 2: Licensed Minister

  • Old Testament History and Literature
  • Ministry Leadership
  • Effective Preaching
  • Christian Thought

Level 3: Ordained Minister

  • Corinthian Correspondence
  • Pastoral Care & Counseling
  • Ministry Administration
  • Theology of Ministry Essentials

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Associate in Ministry Leadership Program Requirements

The 60-credit program courses are offered during non-traditional hours through accelerated course formats.

Bible and Theology (12)

  • BIBL 1103: Old Testament History and Literature (3)
  • BIBL 1203: New Testament History and Literature (3)
  • BIBL 2553: Biblical Interpretation (3)
  • THEO 1213: Christian Thought (3)

Written and Verbal Communications (9)

  • ENGL 1013: Composition I: Expository Writing (3)
  • ENGL 1023: Composition II: Rhetoric and Research Writing (3)
  • COMM 1213: Fundamentals of Speech Communication (3)

Humanities (3)

  • Select 3 credits from the following
    • Art (ARTE), Bible (BIBL), Drama (DRAM), English (ENGL), History (HIST), Language (LANG), Music (MUSI), or Theology (THEO)

Social Sciences (3)

  • Select 3 credits from the following
    • Business Administration (BUSM), Communication (except COMM 1213), Economics, Education (EDUC), Geography (GEOG), Health & Fitness (PEDU), Management (BMGT), Marketing (BMKT), Philosophy (PHIL), Political Science (PSCI), Psychology (PSYC), or Sociology/Anthropology (SOCI)

Formation and Calling (3)

  • Select 3 credits from the following
    • UCOR 1043: Faith In Society (3)
    • UCOR 1053: Identity and Vocation (3)

Biblical Studies Core (9)

  • THEO 2503: Pentecostal Spirituality (3)
  • THEO 3413: Theology of Ministry Essentials (3)
  • Select 3 credits from the following
    • BIBL 2233: The Book of Acts (3)
    • BIBL 3253: Corinthian Correspondence (3)

Ministry Leadership Core (9)

  • CMIN 2043: Ministry Operations (3)
  • Select 6 credits from the following
    • Bible (BIBL), Church Ministries (CMIN), Pastoral Ministries (PMIN), Theology (THEO)
      Recommended but not required for those seeking ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God:
      • PMIN 3513: Pastoral Care and Counseling (3)
      • PMIN 3343: Effective Preaching (3)

Core Electives (12)

  • Any college-level courses

A complete list of courses can be found in the Academic Catalog.

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