Career Development and Internship Opportunities at NU

Levi Davenport, M.S. is the Director of Career Development and Corporate Relations at Northwest University. Levi works with current students and pairs them up with local companies to gain business knowledge and experience as an intern. Most academic programs at NU require internship experience, resulting in 70 percent of NU students engaging in Levi’s internship program.

Levi has created internship opportunities with the following:

  • Costco
  • Expedia
  • Docusign
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Tableau
  • Porch
  • Highland Private Wealth Management
  • Private Asset Management
  • Olive Crest
  • World Vision
  • ADP 
  • Chess4Life
  • Electric Mirror
  • Willows Lodge
  • Union Gospel Mission

Along with this role, Levi sits on the Advisory Board for the Dean of the College of Business, is involved in the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce, is the Community Director for 425 Collective (NU's new business incubator), and teaches in NU’s College of Business and School of Communication. Levi has over a decade of higher education experience from three different universities and is passionate about seeing students and businesses thrive by facilitating collaboration and strategic alliances.

If you want to contact Levi regarding business or internship inquiries, he can be reached at or 425.889.5752.

The Internship Experience From a Student's Perspective: Michael Greene

"Levi and the internship program were hugely beneficial to me and to where I am today. Attempting to navigate the transition from student to member of the workforce can be difficult and intimidating. Levi and the internship program eased the process by giving practical guidance on resumes, how to navigate interviews, and general coaching. One of my favorite parts of the program was utilizing an assessment to determine one’s personal strengths. This helped me better understand and clearly communicate the skills I could bring to a potential employer. Levi connected me to Highland Private Wealth Management as a possible intern candidate. Having an internship gave me a practical education you can’t receive from a classroom. I have now worked with Highland for three years and truly enjoy what I do. I’ve gone from an intern to being the head trader for a firm with almost half a billion in assets! Levi and the internship program were instrumental in giving me this opportunity and helping me make the most of it."