NU Volleyball Sets for Success

The Eagles are off to an incredible start. With a record of 9-2 in the Cascade Conference and 13-4 overall, the NU volleyball team swept Southern Oregon University, a team they had not defeated since 2005. This kind of success didn’t come overnight—it’s a result of the players’ dedication and Coach Bain’s belief in his team.

Going into the year, Bain’s mission was simple: to learn from mistakes and improve game by game. He and the team have done just that and are on track to end with more wins than ever before.  

But according to him, success isn’t dependent on wins and losses. True success is found in the team’s “willingness to show up to practice every day with the mental focus and emotional energy required to compete at a high level. To put it another way, you have to be great on the weekdays (practices) if you want to be successful on the weekends (games).”

NU’s volleyball players have become more than just a team; they’ve become family. On the court, plays come to together seamlessly as teammates are perfectly in sync. Off the court, they spend time together, supporting each other in all areas of life, not just volleyball. It’s no surprise that the bond between players has been instrumental to their success.

“The young women in this volleyball program are people of character, intellect, and faith,” Bain says. “They are devoted to one another, and I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to work with such a fine group.”

The team seeks to continue as strong and they’ve started. With a positive mindset and perseverance, Coach Bain is optimistic they will do so.

Be sure to catch the NU volleyball home games. You can find their schedule here.

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