Faculty Spotlight: Jeff Lockhart

Faculty Spotlight: Jeff Lockhart

Jeff Lockhart’s business career began at the age of 14, when he and his first band began playing small shows for their friends. Over time, their fan base grew to the point where the band was drawing audiences of 100 or so and taking in $500 per show. Four years later, Lockhart began his academic career at NU, where he would later go on to earn his Master of Business Administration. Since then, he has used the skills he acquired from these experiences to fill a wide array of roles, both at NU and in other contexts.

When he first came to NU as a staff member in 1996, Lockhart accepted a position as the Director of Marketing and Communications. After four years, he transitioned to a management role at financial services firm Edward Jones. His time there was cut short by the events of September 11, 2001, which left the firm in a state of financial devastation. With a young family to support, he began to sense that it was “financially dangerous” to stay there.

At the time, Lockhart was still very involved in NU’s Alumni Association and had friends who had stayed in positions at the University while he was away. Through these connections, NU offered him the opportunity to head the building campaign for the Health and Sciences Center (HSC), which was then only in its conception. With his help, the campaign was a huge success, and the HSC has become a centerpiece of NU’s campus.

Currently, Lockhart fills a new creative role as the founder of and a leading professor in NU’s highly touted Creatio music program. This has given him an opportunity to have a direct impact on students here at NU. He strives to “make [his] courses fun and bring a unique perspective and practicality” to show students how to “really live out” what they’ve been called to do.

In his spare time (if you can call it that), Lockhart plays drums for Crème Tangerine (a Seattle-based Beatles tribute band), functions as the owner of the band’s supporting management company Easytone LLC, and heads the Kirkland Performance Center as its Executive Director. The band tours regularly, putting on 50 shows a year.

When asked about what it’s like balancing all of his endeavors, Lockhart said, “it’s kind of like being Batman. During the day we’re business guys, but then we get to go be rock-and-roll guys by night,” adding that it’s “really about just being who you are, doing what you love, and caring about it.”

He added this advice for anyone looking to find success both in college and beyond: “Do what you love; make sure you care about it. Be gracious, forgiving, and respectful to people. Work like everything depends on you, and pray like everything depends on God.”

Clearly, we are very blessed to have Jeff Lockhart on board here at NU.

If you are interested in taking any courses from Jeff Lockhart, he currently teaches Marketing Theory, Survey of Music Business, and Nonprofit Management. In the past, he has taught Music Publishing and Distribution as well as Rock Ensemble.

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