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Making the Big Move: Tips for Incoming Freshmen

Making the Big Move: Tips for Incoming Freshmen

Move-in day: It’s almost here.

You’re about to experience a big change in life. This transition is an exciting one filled with opportunity, but it doesn’t come without a little apprehension. Here are some tips for how to make the most of move-in day and orientation.  

Don’t Overpack

It can be difficult to know what to bring and what to leave behind. In the end, most feel they overpack. Don’t feel pressured to take along every possession you own. Ask yourself, “Will I really use this?” Packing just the right amount will make transportation, decorating, and life a bit easier.

Prepare to Meet New People

During orientation, you’ll meet more people in four days than you have in the last four years. Smile, shake hands, and don’t feel guilty if you forget someone’s name. They’re in the same boat. Even if it’s not your thing, make the most of social events and put yourself out there. You’ll be glad you did.

Get to Know Your Roommate

In your first year of college, you’ll make plenty of friends, but you’ll only have one roommate. This relationship is an important one. At first it can be a bit awkward, so find something to break the ice. Maybe you have a common interest or a few classes together. Plus, a roommate is the perfect person to buddy up with at orientation events.  

Ask for Help

You won’t know everything at first. And you’re not expected to. Need to know where a classroom is, how the meal plan works, where the laundry room is, or anything else? Your RA, orientation leaders, and other students are all great resources. They’ve been in your shoes before and know exactly how you feel.   

Let your Parents Help

As challenging as this transition is for you, realize it’s probably even more challenging for your parents. Let them help you unpack, decorate your room, and even let them hug you. This will mean more to them than you’d think.

Realize It Will Get Easier

It can all seem a bit overwhelming. A new place filled with new people will certainly take some time to get used to—and that’s okay. Don’t get discouraged if you see others adjusting to the change more quickly. Odds are, they feel just as lost. It may seem hard to believe, but pretty soon you’ll feel right at home. Find your routine, meet some new people, and enjoy the start of this brand-new chapter. 

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