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Northwest University Facilities Limited to Student and Employee Use Only



[Kirkland, Washington, July 17, 2020] – In accordance with state guidelines for postsecondary education institutions and for the health and safety of all individuals, Northwest University’s campus facilities are closed to the general public. In order to best protect NU students and the Kirkland community, it is crucial to limit the number of people using Northwest’s facilities as much as possible. For the time being, the following campus spaces are closed to the general public: campus buildings, soccer fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, the sand volleyball court, the disc golf course, and all recreational fields. Neighbors and community members walking through campus are still welcome. Northwest University faculty, staff, and students must have their university ID cards with them at all times while on campus. Individuals without a university ID card while using campus facilities will be asked to leave.

NU also follows all Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Public Health – Seattle & King County guidelines, as well as the phased reopening plan set in place by the State of Washington. The safety of our community is our top priority, so we are fully committed to taking every necessary precaution, including the following regulations regarding campus visitors. We look forward to reopening our facilities to the general public as soon as it is safe to do so.

Campus Visitors

The Northwest University academic and administrative facilities are closed to all visitors except, 1) immediate family members of NU students or employees, and 2) guests invited by or intending to meet with NU employees for purposes of University business. Outdoor facilities (e.g., sand volleyball, basketball courts, tennis courts, disc golf course, The Green, soccer fields) are closed to all visitors not accompanied by NU employees or students. It is the host’s responsibility to screen guests for COVID-19 symptoms before allowing them on campus and they are to remain with their host throughout the visit.

For more information about campus visitors and current campus regulations, visit Northwest University’s Coronavirus webpage at