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NU Launches the New Creatio Center

NU Launches the New Creatio Center

October 15, 2019

Kirkland, WA

For over five years, Northwest University has offered a state of the art recording technology degree commonly referred to as Creatio. This particular program has quickly become one of NU’s most popular degrees, and it has seen graduates go on to do great things in the music industry. With music technology making up just a small portion of art-based technology, expanding Creatio is a logical next step.

Northwest University is proud to announce the launch of the Creatio Center for Technology, Media, and Design. This new and expanded center, led by INRIX cofounder Craig Chapman, will be made up of three flagship degrees: User Experience Design, Audio Production, and Video Production.

The first of the three to launch is the BA in UX Design, which is expected to start enrolling students in 2020.

President Joseph Castleberry has long seen the potential for NU to become a player in the worlds of tech and design.

“Many people in higher education are beginning to refer to design thinking as “the new liberal art,” he explained. “We’re certainly headed that way at Northwest University.  Design thinking has shaped our Creatio degree program in Audio Production since its inception, and this year we’re beginning to recruit students for our new major in User Experience (UX) Design.  Our first major in the area of computer or digital technology, this program will respond to the huge demand in the job market for people who can creatively bring both technical proficiency and artistic talent and wisdom about human behavior into the design of digital and tangible technology products.  Many other new degree programs in technology fields will follow, but all of them will lean on design theory to make people’s lives better.  They’ll also require serious thinking about the spiritual dimension of our life and work.”

When asked what can be expected of the new UX Design degree, Chapman provided the following:

“Students enrolled in the UX Design program at Northwest University will benefit from the field's unique position in both engineering and the humanities, in a subject area that bridges technology, psychology, and artistic expression. Our students will begin by developing a solid understanding of human centered design where they will learn the practical and artistic applications of design thinking. That will be followed with classes in computer engineering, art and graphic design, psychology and human factors. Throughout the program students will feel at home in our on-campus design studio, and will have opportunities for internships, experiential learning, design competitions, and interdisciplinary collaboration where they will learn how to apply their interest into the real world. The resulting career opportunities abound in UX Design, since few universities across the country provide bachelor’s degree programs with the breadth and depth that NU allows you to pursue.”

Craig and Northwest University are committed to making these programs a unique blend of art, tech, and Christian faith. As students learn and hone their respective crafts, they will grow spiritually in a Christ-centered community.

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