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NU Salem to be renamed “Northwest University Oregon”

NU Salem to be renamed “Northwest University Oregon”


Northwest University to change official Salem campus name to “Northwest University Oregon”

[Salem, Oregon, May 10, 2019] – Northwest University is proud to reveal that its campus in Salem will be renamed “Northwest University Oregon.” This announcement was first made by Bill Wilson, Head of the Oregon Ministry Network (OMN) during the OMN Summit at Peoples Church in Salem Oregon on (add date). “I think you would agree with me that this is a win-win for all of us,” Wilson said at the event. “It will provide a perfect location for the students selecting Northwest University here in the Willamette Valley as their place for ministry preparation and training.”

The new name is accompanied by a new campus location and a new program. Classes and facilities will receive an upgrade with a move across the street to the former headquarters of the Oregon Ministry Network. Here, students will be able to take master’s level courses for the first time in the history of NU’s Oregon campus. The new master’s degree being offered is a Master in Ministry Leadership that will launch in January 2020.

Northwest University’s President, Dr. Joseph Castleberry, explained the significance and rationale behind the name change in the following statement: “Our new name emphasizes our total commitment to the whole state of Oregon. We have served Oregonian students for 85 years, and we’re determined to continue to do so in 21st Century style—through our Kirkland campus and our Oregon campus, through local church internship programs across the state, and purely online.”

Northwest University’s campus in Salem has been a hub of education and spiritual growth for college students in the Willamette Valley for 10 years. The name change is an affirmation that NU Oregon is committed to raising up leaders who will impact Oregon and the Pacific Northwest for the Kingdom of God. 


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