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NU’s Study Abroad Opportunities

Northwest University offers study abroad experiences for nearly every major. Through NU’s partnership with BestSemester, students can work toward their degree in another part of the world. Studying abroad is the perfect way to explore another country and embrace a unique culture—all while receiving college credit!

NU students have studied abroad on every continent (except Antarctica). BestSemester offers twelve unique programs around the world. Taking your education abroad has the potential to be the most inspiring part of your college experience. Make sure to follow your passion, picking a location and program that fits your interests and educational goals.

If you’re wanting to spend time abroad but a semester seems too long, there’s no need to worry. Most majors have a built-in international trip that typically lasts a couple of weeks. In fact, this Fall, 74% of our traditional students were enrolled in programs that require an overseas experience specifically tied to their field of study and integrated into their curriculum. This is still plenty of time to experience another part of the world. In the past, education majors have taught in China, nursing majors have served in Ugandan villages, and business majors have studied economics in Europe. How’s that for a field trip?

Whatever your desire for adventure looks like, NU is here to help you fulfill it.  

For more information on available study abroad programs, check out Contact your academic advisor to determine the best time for you to study abroad.