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Our Commitment to Spiritual Vitality

Our Commitment to Spiritual Vitality

Northwest University cares deeply about the spiritual vitality of its students. Chapel is held multiple times a week, giving students the opportunity to worship and grow together. But it doesn’t stop there. Faith plays a role in the daily lives of students in the classroom and in student living areas.

In Chapel: As a community, we value the fact we are able to come together and celebrate what’s most important. Throughout the week, there are numerous events in chapel, all with one unified purpose: spiritual growth. Chapel services are held Wednesdays and Fridays. Morning Devos and Pursuit worship nights take place on Monday. Chapel is a place where students and faculty come together to grow in their relationship with God.  

In the Classroom: Chapel isn’t the only place spiritual growth is emphasized. Northwest’s commitment to the spiritual development of its community is evident in the classroom. Students receive a top-tier education from a Christ-centered perspective. NU’s small class sizes allow for stimulating conversations about faith between students and professors. Everyone’s voice is heard and valued. Professors praying for and forming meaningful relationships with their students is the norm at NU.

In the Dorms: Northwest University’s students take it upon themselves to actively seek God. Every dorm floor has a weekly life group where students join together to study the Bible. These conversations transcend weekly life group meetings and are a common aspect of dorm life. Additionally, most students are actively involved in a local church. In the company of others who seek to pursue Christ, spiritual growth isn’t just encouraged, it’s fostered.   

Commitment to spiritual vitality is a priority at Northwest University. We’re not just a Christian school in name; our students and faculty are truly dedicated to the things of Christ. At Northwest University, spiritual vitality extends to all areas of life.