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10 Reasons Why NU Is the Best Christian College for You

If you are asking yourself “Why should I attend a Christian college?” it may be helpful to weigh the data, and also gain perspectives from real college students attending a Christian university.  Many Christian colleges, such as Northwest University (NU), offer a thriving student body and faculty committed to delivering an academically rigorous education. To help prospective students who may be wondering why they should attend a Christian college, here are 10 reasons why NU may be the best Christian college for you:

#1: Over 70 Programs

NU gives students of all callings the opportunity to discover and cultivate their gifts, offering over 70 majors and programs to choose from.

#2: Small Class Sizes

At NU, the student-to-faculty ratio is 10:1, allowing for the kind of personalized education you may not find elsewhere.

#3: Internships

Internships are the best way for students to gain real-world experience. That’s why over 70% of students hold internships at NU. Often, this leads to full-time job offers from some of the best companies in the area.

#4: Study Abroad

NU offers study abroad programs on six continents for nearly every major.

#5: Helpful Professors

NU professors have gained experience and knowledge at some of the world’s premiere universities, including Columbia, Johns Hopkins, and Notre Dame, and they’re ready to share it with their NU students, both online and in the classroom.

#6: Lasting Friendships 

Northwest is known for having a community unlike any other, where students make lifelong friendships with those who are truly committed to Christ.

#7: Location

NU’s campus is located nearby the corporate headquarters of companies like Microsoft, Expedia, Amazon, and Costco, as well as many innovative tech startup. This close proximity contributes to a robust job economy for NU graduates, as well as rich internship opportunities.

#8: Spiritual Vitality

The students of Northwest University take faith seriously in their personal lives, pursuing God daily and treating others with compassion.

#9: Leadership Opportunities

NU offers the opportunity to step forward and lead in many ways, including student government, athletics, drama and improv, music ministry, and many more.

#10: Flexibility

NU offers students flexibility with when and where they can take their courses in order to complete their degree, whether that’s in the classroom, online or through one of our adult evening classes.

For more context on the spiritual, academic, and social experience at Northwest, here are five NU students explaining why they chose to attend a Christian university. In addition to the unanimous desire to be part of a Christian community, the faith-based curriculum and the opportunity to attend chapel were also important considerations.


“I chose a Christian university mainly for the community, because it’s a place where people really have each other’s backs, a place where you can really love each other. It’s a place where you can pursue your dreams and people will support you, and you can support others as well. The love of Christ is really shown through that.” -Josh Pineda

“I chose a Christian university because I knew that the core values of the school were going to be something that I could find myself aligned with. And I also knew that it would be something that would pour into my personal life and my spiritual life, not just my academic life.” -Alec Bailey

“It’s hard enough to be a Christian without people in your life that support it or share it. It’s a good community to be a part of.” -Sampson Alvarado

“I chose a Christian university because I wanted to be surrounded by people that love Jesus, and I wanted to be taught a Christian education.” -Grace Savage

“When I came to Northwest [to visit the campus], I just loved the chapel. The people around me were amazing, and they made me feel at home. I had never felt like that before at any other place.” -Mariah Savage

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