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Stand Out Alumni: Isaac Peabody

Stand Out Alumni: Isaac Peabody

What are you involved in that has made you stand out upon graduation?

I recently signed a record deal with Centricity Music, a Christian record label in Nashville. Since then, I’ve released my first album, Healthy Snacks, which features a collection of “happy hip-hop” music that I wrote and produced. It’s been a blast getting to work with Centricity, and I’m starting to travel to perform the album live which has been incredibly fun. I’ve wanted to be a professional musician for a long time, so I’m humbled and so grateful for this opportunity.

What scholarships helped you get to campus?  

I managed to keep my grades up in high school, so I received a pretty decent academic scholarship. But what really helped me get over the financial fence was my music scholarship. I didn’t know what to expect, but the extra amount of yearly money I received for my bass guitar audition was super important in helping me afford college.

How does your faith play into what you do?

Music has always been a place where I feel that God meets me, so my faith plays a huge role in my writing process and in what I write about. Most of my songs are written from a place of joy, because as a believer, I believe that my true joy is found in Jesus Christ. Some of the songs are about very casual things—like living with roommates or summer—but they’re written from a place of joy that is founded in Christ. My hope with this music is that Christians will be encouraged and embrace the joy set before them in Jesus, and that non-Christians would be curious about where this joy comes from and ask about Jesus.

How has your community supported you as a musician?

Though my music is a solo act, my community has been a huge part of the reason I’m able to do what I do. From giving me notes on my lyrics and mixes, to encouraging me when I release something, I rely heavily on the input and feedback of my community. In another way, my community has helped me to grow as a musician and as a believer. Through playing music with my church and my friends from NU, I’ve been able to remain grounded while also embracing opportunities to practice my craft.

How did your time at NU help you to stand out?

On a relational level, I made important friendships that will impact me and what I do for years to come. I also learned so much about playing and recording music. I was a communication major, but I took all of my electives in our recording arts program (Creatio). Without those classes, I don’t know that I would have been able to produce the music that got my record label’s attention. So in a lot of ways, I have NU (and Creatio professor Steve Smith) to thank for where I’m at now.