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Student Spotlight: Bradley Berg

You can recognize Bradley Berg by his unique ability to make others laugh. Wherever he goes, he brings joy to others through his distinctive sense of humor and optimism.

Now finishing his sophomore year, Bradley came to Northwest University in fall of 2014. A passion for music and a desire to be part of a supportive Christian community drew him to NU. After attending a public high school, Bradley was hopeful to see what a private, Christ-centered university had to offer.

As a music education major, Bradley is working toward becoming a high school band director, having “been in love with music ever since [he] joined fifth grade band.” Bradley seeks to use his gifts and passions to help others. He figures, “the best way to spread this passion is to share it with others, the way it was once shared with me.”

NU has provided Bradley with opportunities to refine his talents. He takes a “well-rounded combination of music and education classes,” which will prepare him to someday lead classes of his own. Additionally, he plays bass guitar in chapel, plays trumpet in jazz ensemble, and sings in the concert choir. Surrounded by what he loves most, Bradley feels right at home at NU.

The professors of Northwest University are one of Bradley’s favorite aspects of the school. He explains that Professor Mizue Fells has been especially supportive: “She holds students to a high standard of excellence in the most loving way possible,” he said. “Faith is incorporated into the curriculum genuinely.” It’s professors like Ms. Fells that reaffirm Bradley’s desire to become a teacher himself.

Bradley has treasured his time at Northwest University and encourages others to do the same. “My advice to other students is to continue to enjoy this beautiful school. Our time here only lasts a few years, and it’s easy to look to the future and miss it. Cherish your time here. You’ll enjoy life a little more.” 

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