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Surefire Strategies for Finding the Right College

Surefire Strategies for Finding the Right College

Most students wrestle with the answer to the question of what they want to do after college. This common conversation piece involves some really big life considerations: career, faith, family, hobbies, hopes, goals, and dreams. Yet the question is not so much about an unknown someday. Instead, God prepares us in the present. Through the following steps, your journey to campus becomes just as important as life after college. 

Attend College Fairs.

Kickstart a search by learning about college fairs. Visit college websites and contact admissions to find out where to connect in person. Heading into a college fair, prepare questions and take notes of what you hear. Later, ask yourself which colleges stood out and why. Be willing to be surprised by a school that resonates with you. 

Ask What’s Available.

Colleges are unique in terms of mission, size, academics, housing, traditions, scholarships, services, and activities. Additionally, consider if you want to access great churches, jobs, recreation, parks, cultural events, and cafes for studying and hanging out. The campus vibe is all about its mission and location. 

Arrange a Campus Visit.

Many schools offer helpful, daylong preview experiences. If an individual visit is more your thing, you can meet with an admissions counselor and tour the campus. Be bold in asking to attend chapel, sit in class, or even meet with faculty in your intended major. During and after your visit, ask yourself, “Can I see myself here?” 

Anticipate New Experiences.

The years ahead are a time to stretch, grow, and refine. Explore if colleges provide meaningful community, leadership opportunities, clubs and organizations, and spiritual formation. Look for faculty who are accomplished scholars and staff who are practiced educators. Internships can open extraordinary doors if the college is locally well- connected.

Each of us are created with unique talents, interests, aspirations, and values. As such, it makes sense to search for a college by focusing on fit. Use this season as a fun and insightful exploration of what makes you thrive. Enjoy it! Let your present journey prepare you for the future, step by step. And if you’d like to experience all that Northwest University offers, why not attend a Northwest Friday? You can sign up at Or, plan your individual visit to campus by visiting