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Why Choose Northwest University For Nursing

Why Choose Northwest University For Nursing

If you are interested in becoming a nurse, the program you choose needs to check a lot of boxes. You will need expert professors with real experience in the field, firsthand experiences that will prepare you, and the best equipment, just to name a few.

At Northwest University, we’ve designed a program that meets all of these needs and more. We know how important nurses are, so we’re committed to equipping our students with the best education possible. Here’s how:

State-of-the-art training equipment

Our students practice on the best equipment currently available for training nurses. Our nursing skills lab, located in our on-campus Health and Sciences Center, is designed to simulate the experience of working in a real hospital. Here, students are able to learn nursing skills before using them on actual patients. With equipment like our interactive mannequin (one that can bleed, cry, and respond), our labs equip students to start their clinicals with confidence.


Expert Professors

Our students learn from the best. All of our professors have years of nursing experience, and many of them are still practicing today. In addition, all professors in the nursing program are Christians, and faith is integrated into each class they teach. Click here to read about one nursing professor’s passion and inspiration for teaching.


Real-World Experience

During their senior year, students in our nursing program are placed in hospitals to shadow nurses and further develop their skills. These clinical experiences often lead to full-time jobs upon graduation. Some of the hospitals our student nurses are placed in include Evergreen Hospital, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Swedish Medical Center, and Providence Medical Center.


International Study Abroad Opportunities

In February, seniors in the nursing program travel abroad for an entire month to learn and assist in medical practices around the world. Students have traveled to such places as Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Northern Alaska, India, and many others.


If you’d like to see what our nursing program is like, click below to sign up for a Nursing Info Session!

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