Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation

Where you are shapes who you are. Right now. In this moment. The environment that you are in is having an effect on you. You may not realize it. You may not see it. You may not even want it, but you are being shaped. You are becoming where you are, and that is why at Northwest we are all about being a spiritually vibrant community that helps people become better followers of Jesus.

Northwest’s Campus Ministries Department exists to cultivate the spiritual vitality of the NU Community and foster the spiritual formation of each member. Campus Ministries accomplishes this by fostering spiritual formation personally, relationally, corporately, and missionally.

Christian Spiritual Formation happens at Northwest University primarily through teaching, community, and practice—all by the work of the Holy Spirit. Practically, Campus Ministries provides opportunities for students to grow in four interrelated areas of spiritual formation.


Communing with Jesus as individuals; facilitated through spiritual disciplines, including devotions, Scriptural study, and prayer.


Learning from and encouraging fellow Christ followers in their walk with Christ; facilitated through Life Groups and community gatherings such as the prayer team, Chic Chat and FellaShip, Courageous Conversations, and more.


Gathering together to worship God in hearing the Scripture, sermons, singing, testimony, communion, prayer, confession, generosity, and more; facilitated through services and conferences.


Going into environments outside the University to engage in God’s mission, building His Church, and participating in the work of the Kingdom. This is facilitated through local and global missions that engage in evangelism, discipleship, justice, generosity, and others forms of ministry.