Chapel Policy

As a Christian institution, Northwest University is committed to the enterprise of student development and therefore, is intentional about providing a Christ-centered environment enveloping everything and every person. The spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical development of all students is the primary focus of the University. Northwest University expects that all students are actively growing in their relationship with Jesus Christ and are living lives worthy of the calling. We believe that sanctification is an ongoing process and that students will struggle from time-to-time in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We also believe that there are four components to spiritual formation:

  • Personal Meditation & Health – Facilitated through Prayer and Life Groups
  • Relationships – Facilitated through Life Groups and Outreach
  • Corporate Worship – Facilitated through Pursuit and Chapel Worship.
  • Outreach & Evangelism – Facilitated through Pursuit, Outreach and Missions

At the very core of our spiritual formation is the personal time we spend meditating on God's word. That leads to many aspects of personal health including mental and emotional health and how we see ourselves from God's perspective. When we understand ourselves and have a positive view of who we are in Christ than we can begin to build healthy relationships around us. Our time in small groups should be encouraging as we build one another up in our faith. When we have good relationships with each other our time in corporate worship can be a time of intense faith building, as we pray for our community, worship as a body of Christ, and grow together as a family. Out of our growth in corporate worship and relationship building, will develop a desire to reach out to people in our neighborhoods, city, and around the world.

It is the purpose of Campus Ministries to provide opportunities for students to engage in each of these components of spiritual formation and through it, build a community of believers who are developing into the men and women that God will use to build his church.

Chapel — CLIF 1790

Chapel events are the largest community expression of corporate worship on campus. Therefore, chapel attendance and participation are required components of the development process at Northwest. At various times each week, students, faculty, and staff come together in a corporate time of worship to integrate faith, learning, and living. These times together challenge, motivate and encourage the Northwest community through dynamic worship, inspirational messages and fellowship within the body. A variety of guests, faculty, administrators, student speakers and musicians, provide opportunities for students to be involved in praise, prayer and preaching/teaching of God's Word. All behavior and attitudes are to be honoring of God, loving of people and to extend beyond the walls of the chapel to every corner of every person's life. These corporate times together become a common bond that the Holy Spirit uses to unify the generations of alumni who pass through Northwest University.

Chapel Registration

Students are expected to arrange their schedule to meet the required days of Chapel attendance. Exemptions are not available for homework, busy schedules, lunch, on- or off-campus work schedules, and/or study purposes. Like any other required course at Northwest, it is the student's responsibility to meet the attendance requirements. Students must register for one of the two CLIF 1790 Community Life courses during registration. It is part of the (AAGHE) Alliance for the Assemblies of God Higher Education endorsement (see requirements below).

The structure of our Chapel policy is set up in such a way that encourages students to take ownership in all four components of spiritual formation. Students have the choice on how they will reach their required 35 chapel credits for the semester through the following opportunities:

  • Wednesday and Friday chapels (29 per semester)
    CLIF 1790 Section 01 – 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
    CLIF 1790 Section 02 – 11:20 a.m. to 12:20 p.m.
  • Monday Night Pursuit (13 per semester)
    9:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
  • Life Groups (15 per semester)
    Meet at various times during the week. More information about Life Groups can be found here: Life Groups.
  • Campus Ministries-Led Service Opportunities (as advertised for credit, up to 3 a semester)
    There will be eight additional opportunities every semester hosted by Campus Ministries. These events may be service projects, community service, informational lectures, prayer nights, and/or conferences. Campus Ministries events will be announced via social media and weekly emails.
  • Approved Lectures (as advertised for credit, up to 3 a semester)
    Every semester, there will be up to three opportunities to attend lectures that have been approved through the Campus Ministries office. These events will be proposed by professors and then submitted for approval through the Ministry Board.

Chapel Attendance Policy

  • With a total of 65 opportunities to achieve chapel credit, students are required to attend a total of 35 Chapels, Pursuits, Campus Ministries events, and/or small group meetings to meet the Chapel requirement. Chapel attendance is recorded on the My Attendance site.
    • Chapel attendance is taken as each student scans their student ID card prior to the service and scans it again when the service is dismissed. Students who arrive more than 10 minutes late will not be scanned. Attendance will be uploaded within 24 hours of a service.
    • Pursuit attendance is taken as each student scans their student ID card prior to the service and scans it again when the service is dismissed. Students who arrive more than 10 minutes late will not be scanned. Attendance will be uploaded within 24 hours of a service.
    • Life Group attendance is recorded by Life Group leaders electronically through the My Attendance site. Updates are visible to group members immediately.
    • Campus Ministries Event attendance will be recorded by the Campus Ministries Director hosting the event, and uploaded to the My Attendance site within 24 hours. Lecture Event attendance will be recorded by a representative from the event and uploaded to the My Attendance site within 24 hours.
  • If a student scans their ID card at the beginning of chapel, leaves during the service, and returns at the end to re-scan their ID card in an effort to make it appear that they attended chapel, they will receive an immediate failure for the semester.
  • The Chapel hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, are intended for the corporate worship experience as sanctioned by Campus Ministries. Credit for events outside of Campus Ministries can only be given as approved through the Ministry Board approval process.
  • The Chapel Attendance scanners are time-stamped; scans that do not occur within the chapel hour window will not receive credit. (15 minutes prior to the service and 15 minutes following a service)
  • Campus Ministries is unable to give credit without a student ID card. Should a student forget or lose their card, they will be encouraged to make up that credit through Pursuit or Life Group attendance. Lost or forgotten cards can be replaced through Information Services.
  • Students are expected to keep track of their chapel attendance records on the My Attendance site and have five days following a service to email if they think they mistakenly did not receive credit for a service they attended.

Chapel Attendance Exemption

Since attendance is the standard and not absenteeism, Northwest does not have a process to excuse absences for personal reasons (e.g., common illnesses, work, appointments). However, a specific chapel session can be excused for participation in athletics or other NU co-curricular activities by request from the faculty advisor and/or coach if the request is made in advance of the absence and approved through the Provosts' office. With over 65 opportunities each semester the student must manage their schedule to meet the required 35 credits through Chapels, Pursuits, Campus Ministries Events, or Life Groups. These allowable absences will cover all eventualities; including but not limited to illness, doctor appointments, field trips, academic meetings, prolonged classes for testing or other activities, family emergencies, court appearances, or other emergencies (traffic, car trouble, late arrival on campus, etc.)

Partial or full exemptions are granted to students who complete the Chapel Exemption Petition in the Campus Ministries Office and who meet one of the following requirements:

  • Off-campus students who do not have classes between 8:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. on a given Chapel day.
  • Student-parents who are responsible for caring for their small child(ren) during the Chapel hours.
  • Students involved in student teaching, nursing clinicals, and other practicum assignments that conflict with the Chapel hour. In these cases, the Exemption Petition must signed by the Academic Success and Advising office.

Exemptions may be granted in part or in whole of the Chapel Attendance Requirements. All students are expected to attend chapel regularly until they are notified of their exemption status. All Chapel Exemption Petitions must be completed the Friday prior to the first day of classes for any given semester. Petitions are available on the Eagle Website or outside the Campus Ministries office.

Chapel Failure Disciplinary Action

Chapel attendance and participation is vital to this Christian community. Therefore, students who choose not to meet the chapel attendance policy will be held accountable through the following process:

All students participating in leadership, music ministries, debate teams, drama, athletic teams, ministry teams, NUSG, Chapel ministries, student ministries and/or any extra-curricular activities must maintain a passing Chapel grade during the semester of participation and the semester immediately prior to participation. Failure to do so will immediately suspend participation.

Disciplinary Action Levels

  1. Level One

    First Semester Failure – Re-signing of Chapel Policy and $100 service fee.
    At the first failure the student must re-sign the chapel policy statement and a $100 service fee (charged through Student Accounts) will be added to your account. The fee is to help cover the personnel and administrative costs involved with students who do not pass chapel. This policy verification is done online when a notice is sent at the conclusion of the semester. Record of this will be kept by the Student Development Office.
  2. Level Two

    Second Semester Failure – Re-signing of Chapel Policy and $250 service fee.
    A student who receives a second failure, regardless of whether it is consecutive or cumulative, will be subject to a re-signing of the Chapel Policy as well as a $250 service fee (charged through Student Accounts).
  3. Level Three

    Third Semester Failure – Re-signing of Chapel Policy and loss of Northwest University scholarship funds.
    Upon a student's third failure, regardless of whether it is consecutive or cumulative, will be subject to re-signing the Chapel Policy. In addition, the student will lose any Northwest University funded scholarship. A student should contact the Student Accounts Office to learn the kind of scholarship and/or discount he/she may currently have.
  4. Level Four

    Fourth Semester Failure – Suspension
    At the fourth failure, regardless of whether it is consecutive or cumulative, the student will be suspended from the institution for a semester.

Re-engagement Interview

The student is able to return after a semester of suspension upon completion an interview with Student Development personnel. However, further unsuccessful chapel attendance beyond this point will result in immediate dismissal.

Campus Ministries & Small Groups

Students are expected to faithfully and consistently participate in some aspect of Christian service either through the Northwest University Campus Ministries (NUCM) or a local church. The primary purpose of the Campus Ministries program is to provide opportunities and encouragement for each student to give practical, hands-on experience in living out their faith in God and applying their knowledge of God and His Word to real-life situations.

The Campus Pastor and the Campus Ministries Student Ministry Leaders are committed to helping students get involved in a various ministry opportunities. Potential opportunities are listed below.

  • Prayer Team – Meets weekly to intercede on behalf of students, faculty and staff of Northwest. In addition, this team of students has been dedicated to praying for the world around us.
  • Outreach – This ministry is dedicated to ministering to needs of the community around us. Through Outreach we have raised significant funds to fight human trafficking as well as ministered to homeless people on the streets of Seattle. Many students use their God given passion and creativity to develop new opportunities to share the hope of Jesus to people each semester.
  • Life Groups – Most groups meet on Monday morning during the chapel hour. It is the hope that every student as well as faculty and staff are involved in encouraging one another on a small group level. Many students and staff serve as Life Group leaders to build a community of faith.
  • Pursuit – Monday night Pursuits serve as outreach to the Northwest community as well as the extended Seattle area. This time of prayer, inspiring word, and worship has been an ongoing encouragement, in addition to our annual Pursuit Conference.
  • Worship – Students have an opportunity to participate in music ministry teams that lead the student body in worship on a weekly basis and are involved in various outreach opportunities on campus and in the community. These students carry a vital role in our chapel services and help to establish the deep spiritual climate on campus.
  • Missions – Each year we prepare and send dozens of students around the world to share their faith and minister to the needs of people. Many of our Missions (REACH) trips are focused on the area of interest that students are studying so they can connect their faith and learning with the needs of people around the world.

* To get involved in any of these ministry opportunities, contact The Campus Ministries Office at

New Ministries

Students are encouraged to launch new outreach ministries as the Lord leads them. The Campus Ministries Office, ( is available to help students suggest and/or begin new ministries. Northwest University is willing to sponsor as many outreach ministries as students can efficiently organize and spread the Gospel with excellence for the glory of God.

Student Tithes and Offerings

Students are instructed to tithe and give offerings regularly and consistently to support the work of Christ and His Church. Offerings are received throughout the year from students, staff and faculty and are used to support Campus Ministries' projects and Missions. Offerings may be given in chapel, online or to the Cashier anytime during office hours. If a Giving Receipt is required for tax purposes, a Giving Envelope is available from the Cashier in the Davis Administrative Center.

Church Attendance

Students are expected to choose a home church and attend faithfully while attending Northwest University. Students are also encouraged to find a place of service within the local church body. If help is needed in locating and choosing a local church in which to worship, fellowship and serve, the Campus Ministries Office has resources available.

Non-Student Ministry Guests/Groups

Groups or individuals may be invited to present their ministry or perform a service on campus provided that a need exists on campus for their ministry or services; provided they are not competitive with, nor antagonistic to an Assemblies of God program; provided they have an established positive and wholesome reputation; and provided that their coming will be complimentary to the vision, mission, and objectives of the University. The scheduling of such ministries requires prior administrative approval obtained from the Campus Pastor.

Alliance for the Assemblies of God Higher Education requirements:

6.4. Spiritual Growth. Endorsed institutions in striving toward their spiritual formation goals shall:
6.4.1. Encourage the pursuit of spiritual maturity and excellence.
6.4.2. Encourage the pursuit of the gifts and fruit of the Spirit.
6.4.3. Stimulate an appreciation for the Word of God.
6.4.4. Develop a sense of appreciation for and responsibility to the Body of Christ and the Fellowship of which they are a part.
6.4.5. Encourage the provision of and give emphasis to private prayer in the daily schedule.
6.4.6. Encourage public prayer and worship on the part of both students and faculty.
6.4.7. Hold a minimum of three (3) chapels per week with attendance of all students required. Administration and faculty shall also be expected to attend in keeping with the institutional policy to which they are annually accountable. The primary focus of these three chapels in terms of time spent and emphasis would be on prayer, praise, and the proclamation of the Word. Class business sessions, student government meetings, and so forth, cannot be counted in the three required chapels. Additional organized opportunities for participation in spiritual enrichment activities such as Bible studies, prayer groups, and student ministries should also be provided and encouraged. Graduate, Seminary, and Degree Completion Programs: Compulsory chapel attendance policies are not required in graduate, seminary and degree completion programs. However, schools with these programs are expected to make chapel opportunities and/or other appropriate spiritual formation activities available to students enrolled in these programs.
6.4.8. Use students in chapel services as a ministry development opportunity.
6.4.9. Include spiritual emphasis weeks in the institution's calendar in which class schedules may be adjusted and evening meetings held.
6.4.10. Give strong emphasis to student participation in giving to world ministries causes including education.
6.4.11. Encourage the ministry of the Holy Spirit in campus life, including the possibility that classes and the regular program may be suspended for special times.
6.4.12. Establish and publish a written policy regarding required chapel and church attendance, to which the students shall be held accountable.