NU Worship

NU Worship

NU Worship’s mission is to help cultivate the spiritual vitality of the community at Northwest University and to help foster the spiritual formation of each member primarily through the use of music in corporate worship services, which we believe is a means to the greater end of living lives of worship to God.

NU Worship involves dozens of students who, from a variety of denominational, liturgical, ethnic, and musical backgrounds, guide Northwest University’s community into corporate worship. Students interested in being involved are encouraged to audition in the spring semester.


Students can audition for NU Worship in one of three ways: auditions held during the school year (Fall Semester), auditions for music scholarship prior to the school year, and auditions by recommendation. All students wanting to be a part of NU Worship must have some sort of audition with the music director and/or worship pastor. Students are prayerfully selected by the Campus Ministries Office based on spiritual leadership, musicianship, reputation, recommendation, application, and compatibility. The desired caliber and size of NU Worship limits the number of students who can be involved.

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Booking Information

To have NU Worship at your church, camp, conference, or event please contact:  

Brittany Basso

Ministry Team Coordinator
Phone: 425-285-2405